WS- reports that Omar brother is a gay- Wait- didn’t she marry him? caution offensive to LGBTQ

I was looking around for the David Steinberg information on Omar, lol.

This story keeps getting better all the time.  Ilhan isn’t even an Omar, WTH!! Right!  She came to our country with another family and took on the Omar name. I can’t make this stuff up! And guess what? She never divorced her brother! 😹😹😹


Homosexuality carries the death penalty in many Islamic countries.

LauraLoomer.Us Has The Story:

Because the mainstream media has finally caught on to the fact that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) married her brother in an alleged immigration fraud and student loan fraud scheme, they’ll likely follow up by reporting that her brother is a homosexual in order to prove that the marriage was arranged, solely for the purpose of skirting immigration laws and getting student loans at North Dakota State University.

As a reminder, LauraLoomer.Us reported that story five months ago, and all of the other Johnny come lately stories about Omar over a year ago.

During her campaign, Omar was accused of marrying her brother for the purposes of committing immigration fraud when it was revealed that she was legally married to two people at the same time, and new documents from North DakotaState University (NDSU) and archives social media posts from her brother that show he is an openly homosexual man strongly suggest Omar committed student loan fraud through her fraudulent marriage with Elmi (believed to be her biological brother).

Ilhan Omar’s Marriage License Application With Ahmed Nur Said Elmi In 2009

Ilhan Omar’s Marriage License Application With Ahmed Aden In 2002

At the time of her marriage to Elmi, Omar was said to be attending North Dakota State University with Elmi.

According to Christopher Wilson, Chief of Staff at the Office of the President at NDSU, Elmi attended NDSU as a student of art from the fall of 2010- Spring of 2012. In an email, Wilson said that Omar graduated in 2011, which would mean that Elmi stayed in North Dakota for a full year after Omar, who was then his legal on paper wife, graduated.

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