Aida  submitted: Not Royal Behavior!

Not Royal Behavior!

The party is starting! Meghan’s friend and Suits co-star Abigail Spencer arrives at swanky New York hotel for the royal’s baby shower – after bouquets of roses, an orange tree, and a CRIB were delivered

The orange Tree can’t go back with Meghan, and there are restrictions on fruits and vegetables.  The circus begins, she didn’t have it this way, Meghan is asking for it this way.  Her quest as Diana 2.0.

Thank you, Aida🌸😎


Aida Submits:Andrew Morten ~ Meghan~ Diana’s playbook fail

Meghan failed

Meghan’s desire to borrow from Diana’s playbook has backfired now her father has leaked intimate letter says royal biographer Andrew Morton

Wake up! It was scripted from the beginning. Here is to wishing they all get caught!

Thank you Aida 🌸😎 #excute the plan

DM~ Harry’s back in uniform: Prince dons his Royal Marines fatigues

Prince Harry Is In Norway

Harry’s back in uniform: Prince dons his Royal Marines fatigues for visit to Arctic Circle to meet Commandos undergoing cold weather training (leaving Meghan at home on their first Valentine’s day as a married couple)

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Aida submitted: DM is at it again! Top comments being deleted

Top Comments Deleted

The DM and KP have deleted two top comments on the main article.

Now is this the top comment:

oh_dear, Swindon, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago

She is gaining some weight on her face, and it really suits her. Everyone seems to dislike her, but I think she looks lovely here.

Daily Mail ~ oh shit!

Aida, Thank you for sending the link. I ran this through forensics and this what you get.  When I added the link to the content card this what came up. The daily mail is doing their own trolling! 🌸😎

Aida  submitted:Deranged MM Fans

Deranged MM Fans

This MM fan thinks that Eugenie (she confused her with Beatrice) should have publicly thanked Harry and Meghan for attending her wedding and should have said something against the people who have called out Meghan for her “Am I pregnant or not” PR game at her wedding:

shana, vancouver, 16 minutes ago

Good for Sarah. It’s time for people to start speaking out about this vile hatred but Beatrice could have helped with a public thank-you for attending the wedding on their way to Australia. The hate about being visibly pregnant at Beatice’s wedding should have been shut down by Beatrice.

BAFTA Awards with the Cambridge’s stunning

BAFTA Awards 2019

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Thank you Aida, this where we should put our attention , the real royals. 🌸😎

Aida anon said :The DM and Meghan’s PR team have lost the plot!

The DM and Meghan’s PR team have lost the plot!

I was just on the DM and reading the articles and wow – “negative” comments get a huge amount of red arrows. Her pr team is overworking today. But the worst thing is they are now individually targeting people. Example:

GameOver88, New York City, United States, 23 hours ago

Disproportionate red arrow count against JS’s replies recently vs. everyone else’s similar replies. Looks like Smurkle’s PR is doing another targeted attack against a popular critic of Smurkle’s here. Get an app to cloak your IP address, JS, or you’ll end up like EmmyK and countless others here.

loulouwright, shanty bay, Canada, 22 hours ago

i noticed that as well gameover88…thought it was odd

JS, Somerset, United Kingdom, 21 hours ago

Thank you Gameover, I have been noticing that for some time.

SentaSenta, Berger, Finland, 5 minutes ago

@GameOver: Seems like the KP has decided to give you a lot of red arrows today, just like they did with JS yesterday.

Thank Aida, we have to let them know they will not win as the will of the people will be heard! 🌸😎

BRF is losing control about this rumor, MM is not pregnant

MM, not pregnant.

Almost all the Best Rated comments on this article are about her being not pregnant. The BRF is losing control about this “rumor”, that’s why they have manipulated the comment section yesterday. Her new PR dude is trying everything to make people forget about this. Her PR team will do the same again today/tomorrow on the new articles when she has the other engagements. They must be happy when the baby is here so that people don’t talk about it anymore.

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This is a really good comment, but they still want you to talk all day and night because narcissist never gets enough attention.

Thank you, Aida, for your contributions, Let’s have the conversation!