CNN- The Clinton News Network

“What the heck is over the line? The president can say what he wants to Putin, he can say what he wants to Kim Jong Un. He can say to Kim Jong Un, which I think is completely over the top, I’ll go meet you in the DMZ, the demilitarized zone,” Mudd added. “The president can say what he wants. It’s not the responsibility of the intel guys to go police the president and go snitch on him to the Congress. Ridiculous.”

Dan Bongino is absolutely right.

No presidents work for the intel community. It’s actually opposite.

Fake news again.

My name is Mudd, Phil Mudd, Dirty Martini extra scum. Disgraced X spy Phil Mudd and Fettucine Alfredo put on a disastrous performance on the Clinton news network Wednesday night. 

They need more acting lessons, you can clearly tell they tried to practice this performance.

Here we go again with Somebody did something only now somebody said something.  Real tabloid journalism at work! 

Yep, I love Dan, he is right. I have no idea what these rock heads are going on about but as always, wrong. 

Thank you anon! God bless America!