She may hate Trump and said she would never live in the US if he were President. She has lost all or whatever prestige she may have had in her brief association with the Royals by her antics. She has not generated any real money and is seething at being bested by the Queen.

HOWEVER, she is a street hustler of the first order and must get over her past statements and move on. Hustlers are fanatically concerned about the next score. Me-gain has plotted her next score, and that is to move Harry et al to the state of California! Yes, the state of community property and very generous divorce settlements. Therefore, whatever happens, she needs for this next step, the move to California to begin the serious plotting of the divorce process. If we think she pulled out all stops on the BRF, I cannot imagine how she will destroy Harry during the legal process.


BINGO! I told courtiers that was her plan and they denied it saying no way this could happen.  MeAgain will use Prince Charles as giving her the lifestyle she deserves. It’s just that simple. Boy, will he be pissed as the state of California audits him.

Thank you anon, 🥰


Bumps, Boobs and Rolls

Bumps, Boobs and Rolls

Anonymous said:
JD the pic with fool in green dress sitting down and wet spot on boob. I have to say I have never seen such a lumpy pregnant woman in my life. On left under boob see that bubbly lump is from pads or silocone.Fat rolls or lumps from padding on boobs,stomach, ass. Even Beyonce silicone folded,deflated. Not convincing on spongemeg. At least uses color now thanks to tumblr anons.…

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