Hey JD, I don’t know if you are still sick, but I woke up with a massive headache, sore neck and congestion. I have severe allergies and ragweed is currently pollenating here. You might be have a summer allergy illness. Fluids, ibuprofen, juice and rest. Yuck.

That’s what I thought it was in the beginning, my body was fighting it, Fever chills, like flu pain, no appetite, and I wanted my mom.  I’m having a hard time getting rid of it.  It’s Mucinex, scrip nose spray, no NSAIDS allergy, no juice. I’m grumpy, that’s not like me. 

This is an excellent month to get it together, the Real Royals are on Holiday in Scotland enjoying the natural beauty of Scotland. The heather that grows everywhere, beautiful. I heard they are having a rough time of it, really hot for them. I pray for the rains. 

Thank you for your concern, and I pray you to get better🙏🏼💐