The New York Post- Why are Americans wasting money donating to Royal Foundations

This is really bad for the royals if it can happen here in the States. It’s happening there in the UK.  Royal foundations are set up like the Clinton Foundation, and they give very little to charity and pocket the rest.  Extreme expenses for travel, it’s outrageous!  Only giving 5 to 10% to charity.

Now the Sussex’s just started their new foundation! Oh Goody!  They already have taken in 3 million from Disney. But yet, reports say that they are using those funds for Meghan Markle PR and not for Lions in Africa. Oh jeez!  Where are they at right now, in a 14 million dollar house? They have already taken their six weeks refresher after their car crash interviews, oh were they tired!

Bitching about everyone because they aren’t thriving. 

Good Luck with that, Meghan and Harry, you’ve really done it now!