Creative Artist Agency~ Meghan Markle

Creative Artist Agency~ Meghan Markle

Hey, friends, do you guys remember we got a tip that Meghan was over at the creative artist agency. That tip may be true!

George Clooney is a client, and so is Gayle King! Reese Wetherspoon, remember the blind she got invited to the royal wedding? She is with CAA.

It pays to dig around!  This…

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Anon: Amal Clooney

Anonymous said:
Sorry JD, there was a second part, but it isn’t showing. That company is someone Amal Alamuddin works for, Doughty. She’s brilliant and has worked for world leaders from different countries & religions. I don’t know what the DM comments were, but that article lists her many achievements. I can’t for the life of me understand why she would socialize with those two (MM & PH). What…

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