JKR submitted: Obama and George looked dressed for business


Barack Obama and George Clooney look dressed for business as they sail on a boat toward a charity dinner near ER actor’s lakeside mansion in Italy

  • The 44th president and his good friend, actor George Clooney, were photographed on Sunday 
  • They were seen getting off a boat that docked near Clooney’s mansion in Laglio, Italy 
  • Obama and Clooney were both wearing suits without ties as they headed toward a charity dinner
  • The Obamas are in northern Italy visiting with their friends on the latest leg of their European vacation


Two Jackasses in a boat!  The Obama attend a charity dinner to raise funds for the Clowney’s foundation to go after governments who persecute political enemies.  How about that kid that fell to his death?

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Explosive! Same paps that MM had since the beginning paps the Clowny’s

Never disappoints: And despite it being the early hours of the morning, Amal still appeared as chic and presentable as ever

Here are a couple of examples for you, did you know you call the paps to have them photograph you?  You are going to be shocked!  We were told that Prince Charles wanted Markle out and had her papped on both sides of the pond in December 2016.  The leaker lied and said they broke up in December and this below is the proof.  All these lies have started an online war.

Who are these larpers? Who hired them? When will this be over?  Think people!  No matter what side you are on, you are being used.  I recommend reaching out to one another and figure out what the hell is going on here.

Amal & George bought their way in ~ Opinion

The fake humanitarian. George spent a truckload of money to get her this Princes Trust initiative. The seat at his dinner table probably cost them 100K.

They are not the first nor last who will use their money to climb the social ladder. I would not put too much on this. George has been denied his political ambitions, so he and Amal run around collecting awards. They spend so much time collecting awards one wonders how they find the time to be “humanitarians.” Amal will bankrupt George LOL.


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George and Amal Clooney, representing the Clooney Foundation for Justice, arrive at the People’s Postcode Lottery charity gala at the McEwan Hall in Edinburgh. (Photo by Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images)

It’s more like 250k, and they will throw that money around for the tequila and wine business.  Even though they sold it, they became billionaires overnight.  I believe he still has a contract to promote the business. Does anyone have any info on that?

Another gala, another Bespoke dress, you got it, flaunt it. Something the royals detested, but I guess that is okay now.

Rumors say that George doesn’t have any offers for Hollywood, don’t know how true that is.

Now, I believe they are hunting for a Dame and Sir Clooney or whatever Prince Charles can give him.  PoW is in charge, so the buck stops there with these recent decisions. I do wonder what the Government thinks about his decision making?  I’m not cool with this. How about you? Discuss, please

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Meghan the Politician lol

Meghan can talk politics as much as she wants to. But for office? Lol Oprah reconsidered her presidential run because she was explained that as soon as she starts off her campaign, her friendship with Uncle Harvey will be revealed to the public right away … MM is trying to figure out how she will make money after Harry. Any available opportunity for her?


Not in politics, the opposition will tear her to pieces! Meghan is not fiscally responsible, why would anyone vote for a person that won’t consider the people first.

The British public suffers, and she spent a million on clothes MM wears once. She could have tons of clothes for the price, but according to Enty, the Entertainment lawyer’s spies say she is charging designers to wear said clothes.  Isn’t that working to promote designers? Meghan is forbidden to work under her visa, who is going to be brave enough to ask questions?

We need the best reporters to inquire using their best tactics to get to the bottom of this dilemma.

The royal family is not supposed to meddle in politics, and Charles promised, is he breaking that promise to the people? Meghan has successfully influenced the Prince of Wales.  IMO she will bring them all down.

Is the Monarchy up for sale?  Did you notice they awarded the Smart Works charity with OBE?  Even though it’s a wonderful charity the timing, the award is mighty suspicious.


Now, Amal Clooney, she met Meghan for the first time at the wedding. George Clooney is represented by Creative Artist Agency, many from the CAA list of stars coming to Meghan Markle’s aide. Most are involved with Time’s up or MeToo movement.  Great concept but, the justice system is the rule of law, not witch hunting.

Prince Charles is making Amal a figurehead for the Prince’s trust. Why? No one else in GB that is qualified?

As far as Meghan’s afterlife she will write a tell-all.

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Ain’t this cute….

PC has Amal and George Clooney as guests of honor at his Prince’s Trust Gala. Real sensitive PC just after the outrage over Amal throwing a half million shower and celeb fest plus the private jet trip for Megsy.

PC just effectively said hey that was okay! You know pay for play is going on here. Amal wants a gong a Damehood so contribute to PC’s charity and voila!

Did Meghan get paid to arrange this? WTF is wrong with PC? Reading the public mood wrong or just arrogant? Boy, I am really starting to think HM failed to pass the integrity gene down to her son PC and grandson Harry. This smells. Could PC really be so stupid as to buy into Meghan’s scam?

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I think that Dyed in Wool put it best, they are royal who are we to dictate to them.  Completely out of touch with the people who allow them to rule.  That’s what it’s looking like to me, you can buy your way into the palace.

I recently posted the article about Charles taking questionable Russian Billionaires money to renovate his house in Scotland and let the charities pick up the rest of the tab. He filled it with priceless Chippendale, just some old furniture he has lying around that belongs in a museum.

What in the hell is going on with them?  Markle made them look good and their numbers are rising, but for how long? More people like yourself are going to be outraged by this show of extravagance. Maybe it’s time they pay their own way.   Pay fair Market value to live in London, that’s a start.

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Thoughts~ the Queen has not say in Brexit

A connection to royals isn’t going to affect Brexit the Queen has no say in that. So that is not an issue. As for Clooney, his star has faded been a while since he had a hit and time moves quickly in H Wood. I think maybe Amal wants a knighthood (Dame) and might be silly enough to think hanging with Megsy will help her?

Hey, Thoughts!

Yes, I get that, Why are MM trolls using this?  It’s a stupid tactic other than to humiliate.

That’s Right! Now, George looks for any opportunity to keep himself in the spotlight. Who knows what Amal wants, but that could be plausible.  These people need to know that it takes years to be knighted. Is she even a citizen of the UK, I don’t know much about her, I really don’t care about these two, lol.


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Look at George and Amal Clooney for guidance

Look at George and Amal Clooney for guidance

Anonymous said:
A while ago after Princess Caroline of Monaco’s son and his wife had their third child, there was speculation that they used a surrogate for at least one child. Didn’t PH and MM spend NYE before their wedding in Monaco? They are supposedly friends with Prince Albert, who’s pretty shady and the story was that they went to Monaco to celebrate NYE with him. The timing would be about…

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Look at George and Amal Clooney for guidance

A while ago after Princess Caroline of Monaco’s son and his wife had their third child, there was speculation that they used a surrogate for at least one child. Didn’t PH and MM spend NYE before their wedding in Monaco? They are supposedly friends with Prince Albert, who’s pretty shady and the story was that they went to Monaco to celebrate NYE with him. The timing would be about right to start setting things in motion so that they would be “expecting” as soon after their wedding as possible.
That wasn’t true, and he is not buddy- buddy with Harry.  I would look to George and Amal Clooney for this. Thank you anon 🌸😎
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So Amal Clooney former never heard of the woman and junior lawyer got the global citizen of the year award from the UN. An evening of self-promotion which must have cost George a bundle. But it strikes me watching the excess and phoniness of it al (what exactly did she do this year?) is that the Clooneys are of course Meghan’s dream couple. She is even faker than them. Amal did not even try to…

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