Hi JD, I don’t want to start trouble but I think you too posted a message that had been posted on London Birde’s account. Is it just me, or do you think it’s unusual when supposedly English anons, use American spellings? Eg that message used “endeavor” not “endeavour” which is British English. This isn’t the first time, LS and I think that PR anon have used American spellings. You don’t have to post this, I just felt like sending you my thoughts. Thanks JD.

Thank you anon for pointing this out, yes I did have suspicions about this, I did point this out. I made the blogger in question angry, we told her time and time again to chill. Be careful of what people are sending you, I know we have PR related anons on this case. Felix and I did this out of love and concern, we were ghosted.   ☹