A pillow or not? Video of Jelly Belly!!!

A pillow or not? Video of Jelly Belly!!!

JD, I go back and forth regarding whether or not MM is with child. Obviously, I hope she is not. It does make me nervous when Catherine answered a question regarding the pregnancy. Catherine reportedly spoke of a cousin for her children. I suppose she must appear to be excited. What can we expect? She certainly isn’t going to say “oh we are looking forward to adding a new pillow to our couch.”…

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Anonymous said:

Is it possible she went to Amsterdam and didn’t drink? A lot of people go to weddings and events but don’t drink if they are preggie.


Not sure if this one is duplicate, but no, witnesses said she drank wine danced until 4 am. MM was holding court at one of the tables.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

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Express- Prince Harry Escorted his Wife to Amsterdam for the owners Birthday Party

Express- Prince Harry Escorted his Wife to Amsterdam for the owners Birthday Party

Amsterdam has recently come under fire for being taken over by stag does and hen-dos.

The city has cracked down on a number of tourist behaviours in a bid to restore it’s reputation.

Some of the strict measures include closing down streets to clear up tourists vomit.

New laws could also result in large fines for tourists caught drinking in public or being loud in public.

Chief executive of…

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