Amy does it again

Not a big fan of Amy Spagnola but this body language recent article by her is very good and worth reading.

The stomach holds the digestive organs and is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body. In addition, the stomach is the area where fear resides. When people are ‘sick to their stomach’ they feel nauseous and queasy. Plus, they experience tightness and tension in their abdomen which makes them want to curl over and hold their stomach area. The tummy is also home to the ’second brain’ and serves as a subconscious center to detect bad feelings (i.e. ‘a gut feeling’ or a ‘gut instinct’). By constantly patting his stomach, Harry is trying to physically comfort himself against stress as well as create a physical barrier between himself and others.

You guys have to read the whole thing, it’s good. I don’t care if she making money somebody has to around here. 

Thanks ckob💜💜🌹🌹