How to lose weight while still eating to your heart’s content

Awww!!! You’re all so nice 😊💟 I actually feel bad when i call MM names 😔 I always want and try to see the best in people and repeteadly overlook their wrongdoings, but she’s operating on such low vibrations and hurting so many around her…

Mrs, i’ve tried the apple cider vinegar for weight loss a couple of times was nasty :)) But thank you anyway!

I feel like this has been a VERY significant day in my life and i wanted to share with you the reason. I thought others might have this struggle too…I really didn’t hear about this before.
So I love food, i have a sweet tooth, i’m not into sports and i REALLY struggle with eating just the recommended amount of cals/day.

But i’ve started to go to the gym after a long time and i noticed i dont get hungry anymore after i work out (just treadmill and spinning bike). Google sais it’s related to some hormonal mechanisms (gastric hunger hormone ghrelin and hunger suppresing peptide YY) and that aerobic exercises are best for obtaining this effect.
If you’re hungry after working out, you haven’t exercised enough and when you restrict your calories intake through dieting, ghrelin levels GO UP!!

So besides burning lots of cals, today i was able to stuff myself with chocolate and fruits and still have an intake of