No Fanfare…

Do you know meghans popularity rank? Also her and Harry were upset upon arrival for their tour when they didn’t see any fans.

i’m sure it’s about 50/50. People like her and some people dont. I’m certainly not surprised people did not show lol



Ana-val telling like it is

Anon, bloodsuckers keep going after the Royals. The BRF should finally send a message. MM should have served as an example that you don’t simply go with accusations and lawyers after a member of the Head of State’s family. They should have ruined her!!
I think people forget they are not celebs but representatives of the UK and other 15 Commonwealth realms. They shouldn’t be dragged down like that by shameless nobodies, repulsive golddiggers.
Somebody needs to put their foot down in that household, cause enough is enough. It’s very damaging to their credibility and work, to the image of the UK as well.

Thanks, ana-val this is a truthful opinion of what’s going on. Don’t stay silent internet, if you feel like this let it be known, you are safe here.