Ana-val lays the truth out about MM

Oh no..What will happen with EA’s book “The romance that changed history” if the break up is announced in 2 weeks? 😂 No one will buy it except for a couple of Markle delusional fans..ohhh 😔 Better not print more than 20, Emily! 😂
I dont think people will side with or believe Banana. She and her besties can try Anything they want, but she’s not liked, nor of interest and no one will believe SHE was the one to break it up 😂Let’s be serious! H, prince of the UK, called “the world’s most eligible batchelor”, was seen being happy, having fun with friends and blondes, while she, a nobody, BUT a well known leech, was seen pouting in Toronto.

People will be glad she and her paied articles are in the papers no more and the press might turn on her, but they’ll stop soon, before IG and by New Year 2018 she’ll be HYSTORY, forever known as an social climbing and obnoxious piece of s**t!

I also dont understand what reputation you think she’s trying to rebuild. She has thrown away what little she had simply by stepping into the limelight, when her many warts became visible to all. And she’s only a little more than a prostitute with that show. As NYC said: she’s FINISHED!
Maybe she should have the implants inserted again and try her luck with the porn industry.

omg ana-val! how incredibly honest that was! Loved every second of it. The credibility which still is unattainable, she had her chance and blew it. If she was taking one for the team, the NBCu team will kick her to curb and not feel a moment’s remorse. They’d eat their own young for ratings. Big lesson learned, how to say NO, that may not be a good idea.

thanks and good morning