In a Perfect World

We would tell China to Fuck off and discontinue any kind of trading. We wouldn’t allow any flights going in or out of China.  Take back all the land and water rights from them (pay them market price) and tell them to go kiss your ass.

We need to shut down all borders with China, that way we can stop their experiments from getting out. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of every two years another escape from there.

Start manufacturing our own goods, why did we ever let these people take over everything?  They tried to fuck us this time, we won’t allow that to happen anymore.

They are picking on our friends in Aus, well that’s just fucking unacceptable. everybody and their mother loves Aussies. We will go to the mat for them. The Chinese won’t be having a G’ day after we get through them.

We aren’t mad at the people of China just your leaders. We love everyone!  Everyone has the God-given, right to freedom and liberty.

What we should do is gather up all our so-called leaders and put them through a series of tests to see if they are part of the globalist agenda to enslave us. Vaccinate their asses and what’s it called, oh right, tracing. Throw them all in with dying people with COVID-19 preferably a nursing home in NY and see what happens. We could even put it on live TV as they press against the glass and beg for mercy.