Scarlett O’Harkle and Handout Harry…definitely past their SELL BY date!

These two should not post any more photos/videos of themselves. They are constant reminders of how far they have fallen, physically, and personally.

They remind me of the process that occurs when alcoholics age. Starting out they are colorful, interesting. With each passing bout with the “drink”, the vestiges of what they once were, fall away. They devolve into a caricature of themselves. They overlook what they have become or what they are. The veil drops initially with the lack of personal hygiene, like in having their child wear clean diapers or Harry changing his clothes or MM with dirty clothes and shoes and filthy hair.

I cannot imagine their undergarments, I assume theirs are the same as Archie’s. The loss or disinterest in actually doing anything to see beyond yourself.

You only do what you feel like doing at the moment, and rather waiting for others (SS) to get your new life started. Assuming Harry meant it when he said “My son won’t live a fishbowl life like I had to”, i.e., work two hours a day/3 days a week, it appears they have put in place the role models for Archie to emulate for that not to happen. They are successfully laying the groundwork for their son to become a second-generation Hollywood joke. Nice job, both you.

I had a perfect picture for you with Harry drunk and passed out on the beach with a bar stool on the ground. I love your snarky opinion so, please keep sending them in.

Here It is! Tada! Harry passed out!