Q Drops! 4380 D’s Using Riots to Push 2nd COVID-19 Wave/Scare To Win Presidential Election By Any Means Nescessary



Attempting to establish new narrative ‘riots’ created[ing] second COVID-19 wave?
Loss of control [first wave]?
Regain control necessary re: vote-by-mail re: [D] state bailout(s) re: economy-unemployment kill etc?
All assets deployed.
Win by any means necessary.
2020 Presidential Election.

OMG, I even said this on twitter and TADA here it is!

We interrupt this Plandemic with Riots, oops we are back on again!


No one gives a shit what DeBlasio says any more. He lost control over the situation.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday slammed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s handling of riots in his city, calling it a “disgrace” and saying he has the power to “displace” the mayor — although doesn’t want to at this point.

“The NYPD and the mayor did not do their job last night, I believe that,” Cuomo said of the mayor.

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This is ANTIFA, this is the enemy of the State. They dress in black and people will blame the black community for the happenings to their cities. It’s WRONG! They are paid for by the CLINTON’s and SOROS. WAKE UP!

Andrew Cuomo should have had a handle on this sooner. Bill De Blasio’s own daughter was arrested by police. What message does that send?  Bill De Blasio is complicit, he’s the real asshole in this situation.


Thank you anon

Joe M- Loser! Andrew Cuomo


Please kindly post this vital petition to reverse Andrew Cuomo’s Executive order banning the long-held right of physicians to prescribe Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) off-label to patients.

Happily, save lives today!