Anon Submits: Andrew has shown Harry popularity isn’t a given

‘Andrew has shown Harry popularity isn’t a given, and you need to choose your friends carefully.’

Nope, they are thick-skulled!  Look, he married Meghan Markle is dragging him to the depth of the swamp! 

Prince Andrew’s cousin says Jeffrey Epstein saw him as a hapless sap

Prince Andrew’s cousin Christina Oxenberg, 56, claims Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell thought he was a ‘hapless sap’ and ‘low hanging fruit’ to recruit into their circle of the rich and powerful

Easy blackmail! Thanks, Andrew, you brought Meghan Markle into this!

You’re a Dick and so is Meghan!

I said all roads lead to the Yorks.

Second Vittim could go public with claims she slept with Andrew

There are plenty that could come forward and some who can’t because they are in other countries and are poor.  Andrew, you are a rat bastard who belongs in a cell.  I posted about this the other day and it looks like they are not going to letup on him.

Fergie talks nonsense again

Fergie defends ex-husband Prince Andrew amid Epstein scandal that’s been ‘hard’ for her and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie – and likens herself to Meghan Markle because she has ‘been in her shoes… and still is’

They all deserve each other. 😒


Tweet from TombStoneBob- Epstein-Clinton-Andrew

Watch this video carefully, I don’t know it’s origins but I had to watch it 5 times