Morton you spent to much time in LA

this is an interesting article – a plea from Morton ( who is clearly a Markle sugar) to let MM have her IG account again.  Morton is another one who apparently has succumbed to celeb culture and does not know what Monarchy is or why it should npt be the Kardashian reality show.  

He makes up a number – says KP has gotten 1 million more hits since Markle- but he is making that up – he admits it is a guess.  He also then says Markle is moulding KP not KP ,moulding her.  So Morton is now spouting BS to sell his book and is obviously a sugar.  He has misjudged the environment I’d say.  But this article is all sell the book from Morton who is obviously making the rounds.

KP not going to like that, thank you ckob