well The Express has totally lost it – alien abductions will soon start appearing in their pages. They are citing two psychics who claim to have spoken to Diana and it sounds like Diana is now working for MM’s pr firm! Diana cautions from the grave that she loves Megsy but they must stay firm in the face of criticism about their marriage. yeah – straight out of Megsy’s mad mind. This is disgusting. What Markle has brought into the RF is appalling.

I did see that, and I was laughing and getting sick at the same time. Who the hell writes like this. I will tell you that tumblr influences MM with the FD stuff.  MM knows we do jump on tarot readers. Watch out for the ones that appeared out of nowhere, I think they are spewing the Pr scam. 

The feeling is strong, they are pulling the Jedi mind fuck on you. I got a couple of anons that asked me about tarot readers, do I believe? , my answer was the readers like it, it’s entertaining. Poof pops up a new tarot reader they also know most of the royal fandom is black.  PR can be tricky in this case. That’s expensive, someone has mighty deep pockets to keep this shit show going. 

Thank you anon🌸🌸😎


Pondering…more ponderings part II


Pondering…more ponderings part II

Felix, the reason I’m posting to your blog is because you seem to “get it” without buying into any shade of the PR. I read on many blogs and why in the heck do people think RF is allowing her all this leeway and allowing this vast amount of her PR thinking it will eventually work to bring people around to liking her? That’s not what this is about. They don’t care if anyone likes her, in fact, I…

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Mystery solved about the Jackhe high five

http://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/811522/Prince-Harry-girlfriend-Meghan-Markle-Suits-Rachel-Zane-bedroom-scene SCOOP!!! Remember when Andy Cohen called Meghan a Jackhole and then Michael Rappaport was high living him. I thought that was interesting. Now the reveal. Michael Rappaport played her sex partner in a show. He knows her!!! That is why he was high living Andy, because he knows that Meghan is indeed a jack hole.

Thanks anon, that was her only line, like Al bundy’s beauties