OMG Harry looks like shit

Harry looks like shit in the new PR video. Seriously, he’s not aging well. He’s ugly on the in and outside. And now they Sunshine Sachs is leaking they delivered around 20 meals to “vulnerable people”. They’re so fucking desperate because nothing works for them because of corona.


I noticed he is in the same room he did the Canadian videos, what’s really going on? Yes, I agree he looks like he was drug through a fat person asshole.  He’s promoting WellChild one of my favorites. 

The question is: Is he really in California? or is this more Dog and Pony Show? 

Some of us know it was engagement, marriage, kid and slow drawback to the end. Notice we are getting hints that Harry isn’t happy being in LA? 

Can you imagine being married to a narcissist?  This looks like the end stage of the narcissistic plot.  A former shell of themselves.

The PR is desperate to show a happy charitable couple without showing their faces. 

Celebs all do Angel charity, so why no pictures?  I watched the real housewives of Beverly Hills work there and it’s a massive operation where meals are made up and packaged to be delivered to people in need, like meals on wheels. Do I believe that they served 20 people, HA, Nope! Nice try Sunshine Sachs. 

Thank you anon, 🥰JD