Always thought Meghan looked like a mixed race Jennfier Anniston

Did you know that Jennifer is Greek? This is the first time I heard this, personally, I don’t see the comparisons. Jen successful, beloved A-lister of Movies and TV with a beloved cult-like following of re-reruns of one the best shows ever made “friends” and the other wishes she had the successful career like Jen. 

Oh wait, didn’t The Meg have a walk online in one of Jen’s movies? A bigger role went to a girl that was on Vanderpumps rules she was once a meth head?  Oh wait, that was meet the Millers. It was Horrible bosses and guess what? Rat Entertainment, Rat Pack Entertainment? That is Brett Ratner! Wow!  The one from Enty’s blind!  MM allegedly banged him for the part of a UPS delivery girl?

MM did say at the UN women’s equality speech your willing to do anything to break into the business!  She was also married to Trevor🙀🤭🍌at the time. 

Thank you anon 😂😂🌹🌹🌹🌹I’m joking ??