Anon said: Tired of MM and PH

I’m really tired of these two. I think I will start taking a break from them. This chick will stay a BRF member for many more years (she will go back to America one day though)… they just annoy me at this point.


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ME TOO! The dress is terrible! Someone get her a stylist!

Our main goal is to investigate the truth. We are Geo-political, pedo hunters making awareness, Trump warriors! If we can reach one person than we win.



I’m so annoyed by Harry’s wife

I’m so annoyed by Harry’s wife

Anonymous said:
I’m so annoyed by Harry’s wife. Seriously, I would have never thought that I dislike a royal family member so much. She’s everywhere and totally ruins it for me. I don’t even want to see her stupid face anymore.🙄
I agree with you, it’s stomach turning. There is such a  thing as oversaturation where people turn on the celebrities.  Nobody likes being threatened with violence. …

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Anon Time! Harry and Meghan annoyed with one another at the wedding

Anon Time! Harry and Meghan annoyed with one another at the wedding

Anonymous said:

E and J wedding, H annoyed with commented on it.

Is there a point there? It wasn’t over pregnancy. Thank you 🌸🌸😎

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