I doubt he is off the reservation. But he is weak and a fool. She is a very controlling dominating woman. We see these slices of life and come to conclusions but the whole picture is probably more complex. So it is hard to know what really goes on. All we can do is wait for the inevitable train wreck cause you know that is what is happening – a slow motion train wreck. Hope the right people get out of the way.

Yes, this👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼, Harry is not innocent in this, there are a lot of moving parts.  It’s hard to see the real from the fake. Some things will be set up along the way. 

I will not be handed my hat, I will see this through. I will get the jerseydeanne.com going. F off haters and traitors. 

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


I don’t think adopted children can have titles, why were, P Edward and Sophie mentioned ? their children are not adopted

I ignored that because it didn’t make any sense. They may be thinking about the title but not if there is adoption. The need to bring the link back. Everything is about the bloodline. 

Thank you anon 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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I am accepting questions on WordPress located in categories , right hand side, scroll down

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Internet white washed✨✨✨


Ms Sparkle’s PR team is doing a pretty good white washing the internet, moderating her Instagram site, all sorts of comments are gone, they have updated imdb file, got rid of religion (who doesn’t have Christmas pics?) none. Markus Anderson, IG now private. They know people will start to forget all drama, I’m not, I’ll remember.

 She had to do this, he would have to give everything up, if she is listed as jewish, they will except catholic, still no divorcee for a church wedding, civil union and than blessed by the church. Maybe he doesn’t want the grand wedding?

I’m not saying engagement, but she is trying to get her act together, maybe with hopes a legal team can change the law, not going to happen. Let them have their fling, he will have to give her up at some time. Everyone stop the worry.

UPDATE:This is my opinion, I did lots of research, Church of England on interfaith marriages and keeping up on Markle’s instagram, changes and updates on imdb pages. Piers Morgan interview said she was being threaten, trolls, ect, that was back in June, she did recently get some very nasty comments, all she had to do was turn the comments off, why didn’t she do that? Why did he let her leak that crap, it’s just not the banana and teapot, there is more on there, just not cute sayings for you, it’s for him

When this relationship was confirmed by the palace my stomach dropped. I am hoping the palace and prince harry sees what she is doing. There’s already reports that she’s back in Canada after two days. How would they know that with no pictures if her people weren’t leaking info. I have a really bad feeling about MM.

Girl! I have goose bumps, thinking the same thing. Camilla Tis going to drop a bomb tomorrow with latest dish. I’m starting to believe anon that said they are friends, to me it’s is conspiracy cause throw Markus Anderson into it and you’ve got set up, maybe, lol. Getting a little crazy here, we have been diligent and read, watched and asked the right questions.

I was thinking before you anon me, that they are not a couple anymore . come on what do you think?