Part 3 by making sure everyone knows if they dare to speak against her they will all accuse that person of racism. Which is such a disgusting thing no decent person wants to be pointed at for. so they basically try to blackmail us. “You dislike her pap stroll? If she was white and blonde you wouldn’t care” “You don’t like her pr? You wouldn’t mind if she was white” “You only say she uses humanitarian for PR because you hate that she is not white” and so on. It’s disgusting.


Thank you anon. I honestly seeing these people getting worse no matter which direction this relationship ends up going.

We knew this was going to come down to racism on the sugar side, anon you have a piss poor argument as my dad would say. Grow up and rise above, if you blame everything that goes wrong in your life and call it racism, you are a sad person. If a white girl did that, I still call her attention seeker, narc and big pain in the ass, it was never about the pigment color of your skin, let it sink in