Trouble In St Lucia

I think Harry could have gotten himself into some big shit this time. His visit to a private enterprise in St Lucia during an official tour paid by UK, stinks to high heaven. Worse still, people he knows stands to gain from the publicity that his visit has brought. Then, he also had a side holiday with a girlfriend also in St Lucia, while on the same tour. Next, we have pictures of a sulking prince at the wedding. Lots of questions raised here –

Was he paid to visit Pearl of The Caribbean and what did he get out of it?

Who paid for the girlfriend’s visit in St Lucia during his official tour?

Who paid for his 5-room exclusive villa at Skippy’s wedding?

Who paid for MM’s private jet?

If he did not want MM there, he could have easily made sure she did not attend. She did, means she was wanted there. So why the sulky looks etc at his best friend’s wedding?

Was it all a big show to give the false impression all is not well between them? An faux act leading up to the online betting – his side manipulating opinions based on his actions.

Does anyone find it strange that he and MM were seated at a very exposed corner at the wedding – exposed to kidnappers, terrorists etc. Easy to pick him out since there is no other table surrounding it. Also, strange seating arrangement – why is he sitting facing the papz and not with his back to them if he really wanted privacy? Or why not have somebody sit directly opposite him so that papz (and terrorists) would not be able to get a clear head shot of him? 

I greatly fear this is another one of Harry’s stupid act – again doing something without thinking through clearly. He needs to get away from this group of people.

The press knew he was there, it wasn’t important to them? Warren is the queens racing manager and Harry is friends with his kids. The side holiday is not good. 

I don’t know and won’t assume anything, I don’t have the financial resources to investigate your allegations of wrongdoing, if indeed there are any.

Who paid for the villa, I don’t know.

MM jet was star alliance, not private jet, but luxury service.

we don’t know all the details of why she showed up, but must have had an invite, she wasn’t received well, polit people don’t make scenes.

You have no proof of online betting, stop including Harry.

Well thanks for your opinion anon