Skip, the Dawn Service for Anzac Day is sacred, sad and solemn. It’s 45 minutes of speeches and reflection. No time to act girly. Stand there 45minutes. PH will not interact wiith her. This is to commemorate our Australian and New Zealand ancestors who fought so bravely so we can live freely as we do today. The released schedule shows a number of services, church etc. so a few hours of following PH around. This is a sacred occasion, No one should try to overshadow this event. Sad. Julie


I know Julie….I am so sorry she will be there!  I do trust that she will be read the riot least for this!

Here we have one of our sweetest anons pleading kindly not do this, I understand without sacrifice we wouldn’t be free today. I salute all of the troops, that means you, Prince Harry, thank you for being brave. 


Character lattedahlatteda apologies

I apologize for any posts i have made that crossed the line making fun of Meg’s physical body. It’s neither right nor kind.

I have since November questioned the multiple storylines, the letter denouncing the press & public for discussing issues Meg herself wrote about for example her mixed heritage. I also questioned the duplicity of asking for privacy while obviously merchandising herself ie building her “brand” all while being caught in outright lies for example house break & ivory soap ad.  Somethings in the news could be attributed to her pr people & to zealous reporters looking for clickbait $$ but at the end of the line Meg’s character was and is extremely questionable. A week or 2 traveling with a fashion photographer does NOT make you a humanitarian. One USO trip arranged by your pr companies does NOT make you an advocate for servicemen & women. If we saw a genuine constistant pattern of service in her community & not just getting dressed up for a lunch & pictures I would feel differently. 

Thanks JD for sharing lots of viewpoints. I hope we all can be kinder about the things she can’t help while still looking for truth in what is shared in the press. Seeing the pictures of her in the Austin airport where at first it looked like she was crowded or stalked by paparazzi and then seeing pic where noone was near her or bothering her is a good example.