Hi Banana Chronicles. Thanks for responding to my ‘Dear MM haters’ submission. Most MM supports are WOC like myself, I am Team MMPH & I respect she is successful in life(before PH) & is smart & caring. Her mother like my mother is a strong black respectable woman. The majority of the black community in PH’s UK, the USA, the Caribbean & Africa love & embrace HM, PH, and the whole BRF. It’s because of this that we are so happy for PH & MM & wish them love & happiness. I’m happy, can’t they be too?


Ugh, could you send me the memo that went out naming you the one that speaks for all black people in the U.K. and the commonwealth. Do you not see anything wrong with the things you sent to Belgianeyes, Deanne, Felix, and myself?

Cheesus, time to take your battery out and have a sit down darling, speak for yourself, bring positive and stop calling other women the C word, my generation find that word derogatory and disrespectful