Is this a war? Wiki wars jeffrey epstein

There is an interview which Trump gave a couple of years ago. He was saying that Epstein had a lot of problems which will come up. He referred to the Clintons. The left media is out in full forces trying to link Epstein to Trump.


I think they know that the Clintons /and some other big names/ are in big trouble. The left is deleting certain information about Clinton from Epstein’s Wiki page, but Trump’s name is still there.


Anyway, taking down or not, there are a lot of sources of info out there. The truth will come out sooner than later. The Russian collusion negative didn’t work. Let’s try something else.


You have to start reading the revisions and the editor notes, this has been going on for days!ย  They have to lock the account down.

There is plenty of information out there and another girl came forward, look at my next post.


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Sunflower with what might be the best post that brings the Dems down

This man, Michael – former US Navy, reads the Q drops from July 8 which detail the contents on the 3 videos that will bring down the Dems! Satanic ritualistic abuse of children! OMG! Kinder care is involved in child trafficking! Iโ€™m not using the word โ€œallegedโ€ because I am not afraid of these people who want us all to be sheeple! The patriots/US military/white-hats have ALL of this on video!!



Under age nudes found at Epstein mansion in NYC

Check out the Miami Herald article today on Jeff Epstein. Also, this just came out online, Epstein today had to forfeit his 40M NY house because feds found nudes of children in his home.

in an indictment unsealed Monday, prosecutors said they want to seize the seven-story East 71st Street property.

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I told you so, pedos never change their stripes to allow him back on the streets he will do it again, he can’t help himself. Epstein is a menace to society.

Alan Dershowitz was on the lolita express numerous times they can plead not guilty all they want. Miami Herald has done an excellent job investigating this case.ย  I wish them all nothing but the worst, innocent until proven guilty but Epstein already pleaded guilty, just saying.

Anonymous said: Can the president of US and former presidents get arrested? The Epstein papers are open

Can the president of the US and former presidents get arrested? The Epstein papers are open.
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NEW YORK, NY – MAY 29: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers the commencement address at the Hunter College Commencement ceremony at Madison Square Garden, May 29, 2019 in New York City. Secretary Clinton received the colleges inaugural Eleanor Roosevelt Distinguished Leadership Award, recognizing her achievements in public service.(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Yep, Bill and Hill, (Trump is not part of the swamp).ย  They are the Hollywood types, businessmen like Ron Burkle, former foreign president,ย  former prime minister, politicians, maybe some royalty like Prince Andrew lets say.

When I was in with seethroughenergy, she told me it’s so disgusting that she witnessed with her own eyes that’s incomprehensible for the regular human.ย  They torture and rape then they cuddle. Sick bastards!

I disagreed with seethrough on jews and she blocked me, ๐Ÿ˜ž I have to be honest and objective.

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Who are those faves, huh?

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter went on Twitter to tell the public that some of our faves will go down BIGLY! Ladies and gentlemen, ask yourselves, who are those “their faves”?


Huh? Hint: Nope, it not President Trump. He is not “their fave”. Never was, by the way. (He was not even a politician back then) …..


Right! It’s Madam Cyber Hack Golden Mo Mo and her hubby Baba Bill. “I didn’t have my own jet. I used someone else’s private jet …

” Right. Whose jet could it be? The answer is obvious now.


Christine Pelosi knows that Dems has a lot to worry about. A lot more than Reps. Their faves were involved in one of the most dirtiest scandals in US history.


If Madam Cyber Hack Golden Mo Mo won the election, we won’t hear about this case anymore. That’s for sure. Dems knew if Trump wins, the case will be revisited. He made it clear in his interview with Fox in 2015. Nancy Pelosi was in Washington for decades. She will have a hard time to claim that she never heard a thing. Just like people don’t believe Oprah heard nothing about Uncle Harvey’s closet life.


Hill and Bill are so arrogant, and it’s going to fun to see them in cuffs, allegedly of course ๐Ÿ™„


I loved that you brought up Lady Oprah, she’s not above the law either!



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We all know the solution.

“The current situation on the Southern Border represents an acute and worsening crisis,” Acting Inspector General Jennifer Costello said in a letter to Jim Crumpacker, the director of the Government Accountability Office-OIG Liaison Office.


“Our immigration system is not equipped to accommodate a migration pattern like the one we are experiencing now.” —-




In other words, the US immigration system cannot absorb the whole population of Central America. No amount of money pouring in the system will solve the immigration crises unless Congress steps up and close loopholes in the asylum process.


Reagan knew it, tried to fix it, and failed. Clinton knew it, tried to fix it and failed. George W. knew it, tried to fix it and failed. Obama knew it, tried to fix it and failed.


Trump knows it, but the only difference he is refusing to give up. He has exposed the system which has failed a long time ago and determined to finally fix it.

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Obama was neither kinder nor more compassionate than Trump is. He deported thousands of illegals during his time in the office. In 2015, the immigration facilities were overwhelmed with families with children. Border patrol agents were doing their best with a limited amount of financial resources. Many illegals were released into the country. And some of them were deported later.


Trump campaign raised $105 million in the second quarter. Much money came from the Latino community. No Dems can compete with this number. Why? Because the progressive wing is dishonest and what they propose is not okay with the majority of the country. Any good doctor will tell you if you mix prescription drugs, highly likely you will get negative reactions. You will mix prescription policies, you will get bad outcomes.

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WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 04: President Donald Trump speaks on July 04, 2019 in Washington, DC. President Trump is holding a “Salute to America” celebration on the National Mall on Independence Day this year with musical performances, a military flyover, and fireworks. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)


AOC ~ Stop lying! She stated it was a low turn out; there was every color of the rainbow there, that is what makes America great, Our undeniable patriotism. What happened to AOC’s?

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Let us open the borders and give every illegal person free stuff. What will the outcome be? AOC wants to close all the detention facilities? Okay. Then when does she want to put all those people? In hotels? Or where? How many of them can she welcome into her condo? Think about this? And don’t forget every year, the US welcomes about a million LEGAL immigrants. They respect the law. They patiently wait for their documents for months, and even for years.

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Brother lover, Wannabe Hollywood, General X from Buckaroo Bonzai


Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat from New York, speaks as Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, right, and Representative Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, left, listen during a news conference announcing college affordability legislation on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, June 24, 2019. Sanders is proposing to cancel the nation’s outstanding $1.6 trillion of student debt and offsetting the cost with a tax on Wall Street transactions. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images



Thank you anon for sending this ask in,ย  we proved there is a crisis, but the Socialist Democrat party chose to spin it and are still lobbing grenades at the President. The MSM is biased as all the depths of hell.


What makes me laugh is Latinos know that socialism doesn’t work, so these nimrods are putting all their eggs in the vote baskets and hoping every illegal immigrant will vote for them.ย  I know, JD they can’t vote, they are unlawful!ย  The naturalized Latino citizens tend to vote Republican…


Everyone should run from any candidate that keeps on the rhetoric of calling their citizens racists. They’re putting every light skinned Citizen as a white privilege! What the hell does that mean?ย  I take great offense to this and so should all of you!ย 


My grandfather used to work at the Philadelphia Bulletin, and he died suddenly living six kids and a wife. Instead of asking for a handout, they all went to work waiting tables at a diner, working in a hotel, fixing cars. Their determination to make it and not be the victim is something everyone should strive for in life.ย  Is that white privilege? It’s being American, Don Lemon!


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Tip? Obsessed with celebrity

Maybe you have a tip for me.

I’m a bit obsessed with a celebrity and spend a lot of time on their articles and in the comment sections.

Do you have a tip on how I can stop that? It’s really weird and sad about how you can get addicted to a stranger…

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Boy, don’t I know that!ย  Articles are written to draw you in, provoke emotions, the more you comment, the more money they make on adverts. Look at the Daily Mail it takes forever to load they have so many adverts!ย  I hate going there and to have your comment taking down without good cause! Well, I never!


It’s a love-hate with them, I really like some of the writers, and I may be responsible for sending thousands of people there. It left a sour taste in my mouth after the doxing, and I wasn’t the worst blogger out there. I took opinions with a jab or two. You must be objective and mix it up.


Take time off is what I recommend, I had to get a website together in August 2018, that gave me time to look back and watch, I thought what in hell am I doing? There are much more important things happening on this planet than a fake celeb like Megatron!


Researching helped me pull away from the LARP narrative, and they always say wait for it, and the moment never comes. Why make someone happen when they hate your guts. You can’t change anything, that’s the most important thing you need to know.ย  No amount of protesting, insults will make this woman go away.ย  Ignoring her bullshit is the key, no press is death to a celeb, stop clicking on her articles. That is the real truth.


Doing the research, I found my way to politics because Megatron is part of the narrative to Social Media assignation of President Trump paid for by Hillary Rotten Clinton and George the crypt keeper Soros. People looking at SoHo are off base a broke company, really?ย  Megatrons narrative is the same speech as the progressive left. Gender bending, racism, anti-Brexit, #metoo, Trump hater, New world order bullcrap.


Meghan has been desperately trying to fit into Hollywood crowd that dissed her back in the day.ย  ย She was a never was and she knew it, she may have conned Harry, but she isn’t conning me.


Let’s not forget that MM has the same PR as Hillary, Weinstein and they are responsible for the Clinton Foundation, Sunshine Sachs!


Doing this for over two-plus years has made ill looking at her, I will always have a soft spot for Harry but now is not the time. He needs life lessons to learn. There will come a day when this house of cards tumbles down. Until then, watch but don’t respond to her BS.


Thank you anon, I appreciate that reached out, ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹ let the press do the job now

I voted for Obama twice

I voted for Barack Obama twice. But watching that clown show …, I agree with Joe Scarborough who said on his show “Trump won.” He is right. No way I will vote for open borders and free health care for illegals. Pure and simple.

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Wow! MSNBC crew were throwing softball questions, and they still managed to screw this up badly! I’ve seen better high school debaters!



Pandering is never good, and I hope people are smarter, but some are so off base. Last night was pretty radical on tumblr. You have to push back on this hatred. The taxpayers = the protesters, have to pay for these types of policies. It would make us into a third world nation.


I was watching info wars post with an interview with Putin, and he recognizes the multiculturism liberal BS is dead!ย  ย The deep state has failed, they are dead in the water, but we still have to make sure they stay that way.


Joe is right, I agree, he doesn’t recognize the Democratic party anymore, they are socialist, and if you’re not an agreement with them, then you must be attacked with violence in some cases. This is not the America I know, we all have the right to peaceful protest. Throwing stuff like milkshakes is called simple assault.

The rhetoric from the socialist party is going to make the problem worse and tell the world, come here we have a unique money tree called taxpayers, thank you, Joe, for recognizes the problem.


Thank youย  for your anon, keep sending them in and lets spread the word, ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’‹

tumblr Anonymous said: Hi JD , The problem with Megan and the supporters of Soho is perhaps already linked to politics.!!

Hi JD, The problem with Megan and the supporters of Soho is perhaps already linked to politics.!!. The prime minister of the England Teresa May ends her work at the end of July, and Brexit ends at the end of October 2019.
I think the supporters are Soho asking something from the royal family to do it .. Queen stop Brexit which is to stop the exit of Britain from the European Union .. !! So they brought Megan ๐Ÿ’ฉ and linked to marry with the weakest link is Harry ..!!???๐Ÿ˜•
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Thank you anon, but the Queen doesn’t have those powers to deny voters the right to exit the EU, she signed the delay order.
It is political because if you read here, then you know I peeled back the stinky onion and MM is following the Hollywood far-left narrative that GPS fusion started the DNC and Hillary Rotten Clinton paid that.
GPS Fusion went to the UK and hired on the Integrity Initiative to do their dirty work, the Steele dossier sound familiar to you?ย  They had 35 million to influence Hollywood to run propaganda.
Harry fell into like with MM, and the rest is history, it’s up to him to decide or MM if she wants to leave, now would she go?ย  The best way to handle this is not to give her any engagements.
Thank you anon, ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’‹

Front page of the New York Times !!! Border Aid passes-Two drown

Finally, after many months of denying, the fake news CNN and failing NYT are admitting there is a full-blown crisis at the southern border. Dems are the majority in the House now. They are out of excuses. Nancy and Chuck cannot say anymore that it’s a manufactured crisis. No, it’s not. This horrible situation is nothing new. Its been like this for years! It is not getting better. It’s getting worse. Deportation is not a solution. Many of those deported people should not be in the US in the first place. We need to close loopholes /especially those ones which allow using children to cross into the country/ in the immigration law.

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Honduran former president (2006-2009) and leader of the Libertad y Refundacion (LIBRE) opposition party, Manuel Zelaya Rosales (R), receives former Honduran deputy Bartolo Fuentes at Tocontin international airport in Tegucigalpa on October 19, 2018 after he arrived from Guatemala where he was deported for taking part in a massive migrant caravan heading to the US, which he allegedly helped to organize. – Honduran migrants who have made their way through Central America were gathering at Guatemala’s northern border with Mexico on Friday, despite President Donald Trump’s threat to deploy the military to stop them entering the United States. (Photo by STR / AFP) (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

This link is good

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