Middle Age Meg and Hapless Harry …Zoom Calls are our specialty!

Who…how…and where did the remit come from that brought about the speech by Abbott and Costello on “Institutional Racism”? We are talking about two layabouts aren’t we…who dream up causes to “be a voice for” periodically, in the vain hope they can tie their ticket to wealth to it.


Most Americans are pretty savvy and appear to believe (because it is evident in their look ) they are on coke, but there must be someone “babysitting them” to reign in their indulgences. The Hollywood Millenials…Abbott and Costello, climb aboard the movement of the moment, crash videos discussing said cause, and insist on performing in them.


Very inarticulately, uninformed, and sloppily presented in any forum they forge ahead. What is sad about all of this is because they are “coked up”, I think they temporarily forget they are actually not intelligent enough to comment on these issues and they sound it.


We have Harry, who had to cheat and lie to graduate from High School (and only did because the Royal Family had to intervene to silence Harry’s professors) and a failed Canadian cable actress on a very low rated show, in the part of the 5th lead. Recently, I might add one step above a porn film, as it was recently rated the “Raunchiest Show on Cable” in Canada.


Listening to, or allowing them to publicly speak in any forum, of any kind, is akin to allowing a pedophile loose in a playground. NOTA GOOD IDEA! They will do or say anything to get what they want. Their word salad salivates with their desire to bury the Royal Family by insulting their Queen.


They essentially create mayhem by using the words of racism and revolution to incite people. They will stir up, via the catchy verbal histrionics they employ, to make the Commonwealth sound as if it was one step away from being destroyed by the British…and it was not because the British did not try.


This is treasonous coming from Harry particularly, and Megan as the agent of his actions. They should be removed from all their Titles, Patronages, Allowances, Security, everything… that they have been given. If they believe so much in the cause, really join it. Get down in the trenches and really help the movement to move forward. Give up your worldly goods. Be an outspoken participant…live the life of those you say you want to help.


Oh wait, that’s right you can’t because that would mean giving up your free house, your free security, your free car, your free allowance, your free life. All the things those people you say you want to help would be given anything to have just a small part of. They would only want a small house, a secure neighborhood, a job that paid a reasonable wage. You could give them that. Of course, that would mean you would have to give up an $18 million freebie of a house, an allowance from your Father, and finally that security you value so highly.


The real people only want a cop at the intersection their children would cross to go to school. Of course, if you really cared, that would mean you giving up some of what you have been “given”, not worked for, but “given”. Of course, that will never happen because it is fantasy… because you just talk, talk , talk. You never provide an answer really, or donate to the cause (oh yes, you did and do pay that $13 a month to keep an unadopted pet fed for a month at Mayhew in London). We know who you really are underneath all the pap and word salad. You are a bullsh–er. You never give anything to others…you only take things from others. The revolution is coming Harry and Meg…and it is coming for you two.



NYPD commissioner slams Bill de Blasio for slashing police budget as gun violence in the city surges 130% and video emerges of a father being shot dead while holding his four-year-old daughter’s hand

What could possibly go wrong Democrats? This is what happens when you let so-called peaceful protestors have the keys to the cities. Still, want to defund the police?  Can’t put that genie back in the bottle without a show of force. What sickens me is the innocent people dying for political ideology! It’s not the coronavirus, Bill!

Thanks, Anon


Now I have heard it all. Let’s see if I have this down correctly. With all of the comments…thousands, hundreds of thousands of people commenting on every conceivable site that Megan Markle is the worst actress they have ever seen (on Suits) have ever heard (Elephant documentary) and the 2-3 bit parts of 2 minutes of screen time or less in her soft porn acting career,


Megan has decided to take on the movie role of a political operative by the name of “Maverick Malone.” “Maverick” is a Senate operative who suspects nefarious deeds being done in the book it appears she has purchased. This is now a forthcoming movie called “Election Year”, which Markle will star in.

It appears MM will also act as Producer and contribute to writing the screenplay. I understand that the Craft Services/ Harry Stevens role, of providing avocado spread on toast, lemon slices on steamed white fish, yogurt, fruit, and still water will be managed by Prince Harry in his role as Craft Services Executive Producer. Harry’s role will be both during the making of the movie but will extend to providing food at all of the theaters where this movie will be played.

The National Theater owners have filed an injunction against this movie as they want a limited run as they have little confidence in Maverick Markle. In this injunction, the Owners note that the term “limited” as used in this reference refers to Markle’s limited acting skill. Their concern is that they will go “belly up” investing in her poor acting.

This is going to be compounded by Harry’s modest skill in Craft Services. He has already submitted his recipe for his avocado toastie and it was rejected as unpalatable by the Motion Picture Country Home Chefs team. The secondary issue is the Harkles Craft Services ploy of Prince Harry having members of his charities work all the counters of all the theaters in America showing this movie.

Megan and Harry want these volunteers to be active Archewell supporters. The payment they would ordinarily receive for services would be transferred directly to the Sussex’s Charity. The Union complaint that has been filed is that the Sussex’s consider this a charitable donation, and the Union position is that the donation SHOULD NOT include their Union dues.

An arbitration hearing is set for early 2021 to settle this matter with the Unions. It appears that the Harkles are willing to negotiate the number of screens, but the National Theater Owners are firm in their belief that no money can be made if they play on any more than five (5) screens/theaters nationwide.

Per the Harkles, to garner worldwide attention, the movie must be seen internationally on more screens so MM’s involvement in its success is evident. The Screenplay credit is an important one to MM, after the starring role, in order to ensure that she gets the proper amount of screen time for her character to develop, as she will be “Maverick Malone, Star.

I heard someone say recently that after the COVID/pandemic we will all need some comic relief so we should do a great deal of laughing. Well folks, this little enterprise seems like the perfect way to achieve that. Markle has stated she is looking to win an Oscar, and if she was looking for Oscar material, she should have chosen material Meryl Streep would select. Somehow this does not seem like it, but you never know.

If Florence Foster Jenkins, who is MM’s idol, could pay to sing at Carnegie Hall with that staggering voice, I believe ‘Florence Markle’ will reincarnate Florence’s skill level in her performance as ” Maverick Malone”. MM, who like Florence Foster Jenkins, appears to also be paying to play at a theater near you (with Duchy of Cornwall money no doubt). I can only hope they at least make money on the avocado toast…some people (Daniel Martin) say it is not so bad.

Even little Archie is laughing at this one, and I couldn’t believe this when I read it. It’s def a WTF did I just read! The magic is in the details of the article.

This is the royals waving goodbye to MM, fool, but thanks for a laugh. We tried to reach out to Kate, but she was busy rolling on the floor, laughing at Meghan Markle.  A spokesperson (Will) said that we told you so Harry! Princess Anne was asked, and she replied, Meghan, Who? The Queen was delighted to hear that MM will fall flat on her face but wishes Harry well, making avocado toastie things. It will be the second job he’s ever held, and she also remarked that she willing to set him up in a pop-up shop in a local mall. That way, Harry can cry victim to all who come to see him.

Thank you anon! 🥰😆😆


PS: It will be known as Princess Diana Toast, we have to cash in her once again.

Anon said: Black racism exists and must be addressed- Warning Graphic! Sensitive

I have noticed a trend on some sites to refer to BLM as credible automatically and so posted this comment to a tumblr site, but it was never posted or commented on. You have guts, so I’m posting it here. This needs to be discussed. It has been open season on whites by blacks for over a decade, and this needs to end.

Consider the video of a Hispanic Sabastian Esquibel.


Going on and on about how “we have to kill white people. Otherwise, there will be no change. We need to start interbreeding with their women, having as many children as possible and get our race going.”


Youtube ignored complaints, but when it appeared on Fox News, youtube deleted it. He isn’t the first leftist Hispanics have been calling for killing white people tor decades and getting away with it.

Then there was the tweet from Karen Attiah, Global Opinions editor for the Washington Post and winner of prestigious journalism awards, who said:

“The lies and tears white women hath wrought: the 1921 Tulsa massacre, murder of Emmett Till, exclusion of black women from feminist movements, 53% of white women voting for Trump. White women are lucky that we are just calling them Karen’s. And not calling for revenge.”


Yet there does seem to be a bit of revenge-taking going on.

Have you seen the video of a black guy walking along the sidewalk in New York City who passes an elderly white woman and punches her sharply in the head, knocking her into a fire hydrant?


How about the young white girl sitting on the subway, surrounded by black girls, one of whom smacks her across the face then


proceeds to punch her repeatedly in the head?


Then there’s the video of a black man in a Macy’s department store beating the snot out of a white employee

The white man cowers on the floor, unable to defend himself from the criminal assault.

There’s the white guy who’s dragged out of his car and shot with fireworks at close range by a group of black men

A white boy sits on a bus minding his own business when a gang of black girls pounce on him and beat him senseless.

A thirteen-year-old white boy dies after being sucker-punched by black classmates in school.

There’s a video of Black Lives Matter terrorists beating with clubs, brass knuckles, choking 3 white Catholics

as they pray the rosary in front of the statue of Saint Louis IX, King of France.

A black nursing home orderly films himself pummeling an elderly patient.

A white guy walks along the sidewalk in a city somewhere. He approaches a group of young blacks who jump him and beat
him as he lies prone.

A dreadlocked black man stomps on a white man who’s curled up in a ball on the ground.

An elderly white man hobbles down the aisle of a grocery store. A muscled-out black guy comes up behind him and delivers windmill haymakers to the old man’s face.

A young white girl holding a baby on her lap sits at a picnic table at a ball field. Black girls taunt her and, all of a sudden, one of the black girls grabs the white girl by the hair. She drags the white woman and her baby onto the grass, where she proceeds to beat her down.

There’s a “person of color” who straps on brass knuckles, walks up and coldcocks a white boy, then pummels him on the ground.

Having listed all of these, and I could list many more, I must also say that none of these videos shows the whole story. All of them are utterly without context, which is one of the serious problems with all online video accusations. We only know what we see when someone pushes the record button. Yet isn’t it odd that these assailants feel safe recording their crimes and posting them on social media? It’s as if they knew they wouldn’t be punished.

Anyway, imagine if even one event like this showed whites doing the same to blacks. There would be a national upheaval—or, even worse, yet another “national conversation” about race. Yet, these instances go largely unremarked. How are these events not hate crimes? It appears that these people were targeted because of their race. But we’re told that the victims (that is, blacks) cannot be victimizers. It’s impossible because they have no power in a systemically racist society. Tell that to the little old lady who ended up in the hospital.

And then there’s the whole “Karen” phenomenon. For those who somehow haven’t heard the term, a “Karen” is a racist and misogynistic slur aimed at white women who are alleged to call the police on black men without just cause. Women branded as “Karens” by social media mobs routinely lose their jobs

That’s why, when noted race-baiter Karlos Dillard followed a white woman home and called her a Karen after she flipped him off and brake-checked him, she began sobbing hysterically and begged him not to post the video

on social media. “You’re not going to be on Instagram,” he assured her. “I’m not going to ruin your life.” He then immediately posted the video to Instagram in an attempt to ruin her life… and maybe sell some t-shirts.


Despite billing themselves “anti-fascists,” no group in 21st-century America more closely imitates the methods of 20th-century Europe’s jackboot thugs than the Antifa terrorist group. Likewise, soi-disant “anti-racists” are now feeding into dangerous anti-white narratives that are costing people their livelihoods—and, often enough, their lives.

So, is it open season on white people? I don’t see how it could not be. We are the devil: that is what kids are taught nowadays. We are the font of evil upon the world.

Two things seem to be happening at the same time: an epidemic of hate hoaxes and an epidemic of black-on-white attacks.
The epidemic of fake white-on-black hate crimes, now going back decades, started with the Tawana Brawley case

Back in the 1980s, Ms. Brawley—then just a teenager—claimed to have been raped by several white police officers. Her story was splashed across the front page of every newspaper in America. Al Sharpton took up her cause. It turns out she made it all up in order to get out of trouble for getting home late one night.

There’s the Duke lacrosse hoax of 2017,


when a black stripper falsely claimed she was raped by a gang of white boys.

Of course, there’s Jussie Smollet staging a fake hate crime. The singer claimed

to have been assaulted by racist homophobes in MAGA hats on the streets of a gay neighborhood at three in the morning. Come to find out, he paid two black men to attack him so he could pretend to be the victim of racist violence.

There are the reports that regularly come to us about nooses being hung in black neighborhoods—and, lately, a black NASCAR driver’s garage. Most of them turn out to have been placed there by other blacks,

or else simply aren’t nooses at all.

I’m convinced these hate hoaxes are happening at epidemic levels precisely because authentic hate crimes are not happening at appreciable levels. What seems to be utterly real, however, is an epidemic of blacks attacking whites, often brutally and without provocation. Have they been given permission? Could it be that the race hustlers like Karen Attiah and the leaders of Black Lives Matter actually want racism to increase? Is it part of their plan to divide further the races, thereby gaining an advantage in various power grabs? Shutting down the police is one thing, but co-opting the police to their cause would be a coup of massive and dangerous proportions.

Thanks for sending this information in, I’ve witnessed this racism, and yes, I’m calling it racism not reverse racism but racism. 

The Democrat party is setting us back 40 years when we were all afraid of one another. We rolled our windows up, driving through cities. We made sure our doors were locked. I had my windshield spit on coming out of court in Camden at a red light for being of northern European descent and American Indian.

They think they are getting away it, but I read that BLM leaders are being arrested everywhere!  They had their fun now; it comes time to pay the piper for the destruction and assault on peoples everywhere.  The ring leaders are going to jail one by one. 

It made me sick retweeting episode after episode of violence against innocent people trying to get on with their lives. These people are animals thinking they can take the law into their hands and get away with it. No, No, your ass is going to jail!  I imagine the FBI took great care into finding these assholes because when you post something, it leaves a digital trail. How stupid can you be? 

If you noticed I took a step back, I can’t believe what’s happening to our country. All this because of Trump? You get to vote not to destroy.  To see congress approve of this bullshit made me even sicker. Bending the knee and wearing slave-trading garments from Africa? Dumbasses! 

I think this is the conversation to be had and don’t fall like sheep, but call it out for what it is! These are crimes against humanity! If you can’t have a peaceful protest, then your ass is going to jail!  PERIOD! 




Megan, get out of your own way you fool! You are an embarassment to BLM. Dorian Grey painting…revisited!

On June 28, 2020 my article was posted on the state of the Harkles pursuit of fame and status in the BLM movement (Dorian Grey reference…painting is oozing all the lies and betrayals of the Harkles symbolically in the attic!) and how I believe it will all play out.


I referred in that posting to the way Jesse Jackson, a leader in the black movement many years ago, and his people handled the corporate crowd, the movie crowd and the Wall St. and /or money crowd; and his obvious trading on the back of the black movement groups of the day. They could close down companies, boycott movies, elect who they chose …unless money changed hands.


I get it…they needed money to get their team elected, to fight the good fight. However, it did not always make its way down the pipe to those most worthy. Sometimes others got it. What are you going to do? Some people needed big houses on the Chicago waterfront. Whatever. I want all and sundry to know, I am not a racist, sexist, ageist, or an “ist” of any kind…So let’s let that go.


What I am, is someone who is not going to allow anyone, anyone, to move forward with a platform that is essentially going to be used to stir up more racist problems than presently are being dealt with in America. MM (she, a self-described Caucasian of the highest order who is now black) is the source of more comments on racism than I have heard since the days of Huey Newton.

Therefore, I see her as more of a problem. She is the problem, more than any answer to one. Markle has not got the brains or the ability to provide useful solutions to, the problems that exist now. Markle is too self-indulgent and dumb. My Father would have called her a wind-up merchant.


She jumps on the bandwagon of BLM, she is not a leader, but she loves that she can stir it all up, and it gets her name out there. She loves all the Jingoism that goes with a cause, all the woke salad, all the buzz words. It is not really about accomplishing anything worthwhile.

MM, like Heather Mills, to those who recall Heather’s association with the land mine issues that Diana was involved in. Heather knew that wealthy people would be involved with this issue of Diana’s. and hoped thru her involvement she would meet someone…and she did, Paul McCartney. Where is Heather now anyway? Not doing landmine charity work I assure you. MM, like Heather Mills, is that hollow in her beliefs, because essentially she and Harry, like Heather, do not really stand for anything.


You cannot stand for anything when you have no character, no depth…and more importantly…no soul. ” Not enough problems”? ‘Let’s create some more”…” let’s go out there and speak to the corporations who are endorsing this hatred and speak with them”…” let Harry and I get some BRANDS targeted/ organized,” ( i.e., moderated …her usual anthem) meetings that I Megan, will eventually run and put these brands/ corporations under the watchful eye of the “Archewell Foundation (5% to the charity of the $$$ that comes in, the rest to us). We, (Archewell/Megan and Harry/Doria/Marcus Anderson/ and friends and sources who will be named later) will monitor how well these companies meet the/our BLM standard to ‘stop hatred’ on Facebook.


MM, will direct the companies contributions to support this effort via their Charity, Archewell. It is a Charity, after all! The Archewell Manifesto will read that “All the brands that they will “reach out to ” and “speak to” will be monitored until we no longer have any issues in America on racism” (which she hopes will be never!).

Can I make it any clearer? Al Sharpton…are you listening? We all, of course, are being had in a monumental way as this “Hatred” Megan is talking about is also precisely what can be targeted next by all of us, and these agencies of social media…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to pursue her Sussex Squad. The Sussex Squad that she is paying to denigrate and spew vitriol daily in the most hateful and spiteful way on the internet towards those she despises i.e., the BRF.


I find it comical that she has not been called out for attempting to take on the thrust of a “Stop Hatred” campaign. While she herself is underwriting to her own ends a Sussex Squad hate campaign… and yet wants the rest of us to support her hypocritical approach to this undertaking.


Megan, keep looking over your shoulder because the rest of us will be watching every move you make and reporting everything you do to Charity funding…the NAACP (who was taken off guard by your contact), all Black movement groups, and, of course, THE TAX MAN… FOR ALL THE OTHER GAMES YOU ARE PLAYING…AND WE ALL KNOW…TO YOU, THIS IS ALSO A GAME!


Excellent read and how true it is! Thank you anon, 🥰

That Dorian Grey Painting in TP attic is looking pretty horrific!

OMG…I simply do not have the words…any words to respond to this recent and painful attack on Tom Markle. As a parent, I feel everything my child says. So does everyone.

To have a child use this tactic to bring the ultimate pain to their parent tells me more about this vulgar, lying woman. It was one thing to lie and say you paid for your schooling…that showed what we all knew.

She was a liar and wanted to undermine his role in her life. To insinuate that your Father “Molested” you is the worse kind of betrayal from a child. You can almost never come back from that blow. It not only kills the love, whatever love is left, but it can kill a Father with a weak heart.

Megan Markle has not yet felt the blade of revenge others can seek to undo her. It will happen, whether from those who live in her aura in Hollywood, they primarily are pretty savvy. Unlike her new best friend Sharon Stone (who I will never watch in a movie again.) who apparently is so pathetically detached from MM’s behavior that she just had to welcome her to the community! Pretty lonely Sharon, no one calling with parts. So this is the best you can do to get your name out there again?

Can the Hollywoodites not calculate the number of devicesive, deceitful lies that have come out of this woman’s mouth. How can a thinking person take in all that has come from this despicable woman…the destruction of her husband relationship with his family, the deranged approach she has to her right to her lies in her many lawsuits, and wonder why they do not stand up (and they will not in court), not just lies that were in the context of a storyline, but lies that were unnecessary, unneeded but for the desire to simply not tell the truth. The constant issuing of contradicting stories and competing with antics as if it is all a game she enjoys playing. All psychopaths enjoy these antics, watching the rest of us dancing on hot coals to try to keep up with them.

You tell the Queen you will not use “HRH” but submit papers to the court for your son to sue for a photo and you use HRH, Duchess of Sussex. Harry the same…submits a call to veterans and offers his support and signs with HRH, Duke of Sussex. Promise (will try) to close down “Sussex Royal”. Sorry, you can not do it…it is still up.

MM and JH “support”, “Back”, “encourage” and “privately advocate” the boycott of Facebook to stop hatred content on Facebook. Megan and Harry are two of the biggest users of a “HATRED” campaign against the BRF and the press that I have ever witnessed. They run an organized effort to wipe out anything that paints them in a light that they do not endorse, or feel they reflect, thru their Sussex Squad and their Bots, via the Harkle philosophy. Let us never forget …THIS IS THE WAY HITLER STARTED.

Change public opinion to what you say public opinion is. Rewrite it so no one knows what is true and what is not. Bring down your opposition, not with logic and well constructed truthful arguments, but with the most extreme of the sexual abuse arguments…MY FATHER MOLESTED ME THAT IS WHY I AM WHAT I AM.

Is Hollywood that stupid? Are corporations that removed from reality that they would actually bring this person into a conversation with them? Hire them to be a speaker at a Hollywood or corporate function. They will give the Harry Walker Agency the same reputational assault they have given Sunshine Sachs. Harry and Megan will bury them professionally and their clients will exit,i.e., Serena Williams will be first, I suggest. Keep in mind Mr. Hollywood Chairman or Mr. Corporate Power Broker…if she would say this about her own Father, you are one meeting away from her saying it about you if you do not give her what she wants. Don’t even let her in the door.

Do as Brad Pitt does…do not even take the call. The meeting and its goals will be twisted just like Jesse Jackson used to set up. He would ask for a meeting with a corporate head or mogul at a movie studio, he would ask for “support” or “backing” for his cause. If they did not write the check, he would make it clear the word would go out that the company or the studio would be publicly maligned as being discriminatory to Black people. A very simple approach…and it worked.

I know two people sitting out there who are determined to fund a foundation and they will do and say anything to get what they want. If Megan Markle would destroy her Father because a book was coming out with some stories she did not like, you can imagine what she would say if it affected her goals to “Fund Freedom”.

We warned her not to go there about two years ago, and we heard rumors about this very thing you’re talking about.

Look, we are talking about the wrong stuff here. If she comes out with that one, Megatron might as well shoot her feet right off.  It won’t go over well at all! So far, I haven’t been wrong, but go for it, honey! We love to laugh at you!

Thank you anon!

Tents on the sidewalk, renamed streets and an armed man with a coffee cup: Inside Seattle’s CHOP zone as Trump warns ‘we’re going to go in there’ if officials fail to clear the area

Seattle a once beautiful city is turned into a toilet, drug-infested morons! Federally, we aren’t picking up the tab for this, it’s going to be out of the taxpayers who live there.  Vote Republican if you don’t want to see this crap any longer!  Remember, the Democrat party is cool with the happenings of CHOP. Who are the sane people? Anyone? You don’t see this shit happening in the Red States.


Have you listened to Tucker, OMG he is spot on and snarky! So funny

Thank you anon