Welcome to America, Harry!

Why Prince Harry Might Have Had To Flee To The United States After Losing His Royalty

Meghan and Harry left Canada in the nick of time before the shared border was shuttered to all nonessential travel — but I suspect it had more to do with a loss of royal status than it did coronavirus.

Multiple sources report that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, duke and dutchess of Sussex, boarded a private jet to flee a remote private island in Vancouver to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic. Their escape plan: permanently relocate to a slightly more tax-favorable southern California, a Wuhan coronavirus epicenter subject to a statewide lockdown.

The reports of their hasty departure appear confirmed by President Donald Trump, who Sunday tweeted the following in response to an allegation that the royal couple is seeking taxpayer-funded U.S. Secret Service protection:

I am a great friend and admirer of the Queen & the United Kingdom. It was reported that Harry and Meghan, who left the Kingdom, would reside permanently in Canada. Now they have left Canada for the U.S. however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!

Meghan and Harry left Canada in the nick of time before the shared border was shuttered to all nonessential travel. I suspect, however, that the couple’s flight to Canada had more to do with Harry losing his status on March 31, 2020, as an official member of the royal family, which may directly hinder his access to the United States, than it did the coronavirus. I presume Harry traveled to the country on a diplomatic passport with a diplomatic visa as a “member” of the royal family.

Harry Couldn’t Have Gotten an Immigrant Visa

A common misconception is that if you marry a U.S. citizen, you are automatically entitled to enter the country. Far from it. I conservatively estimate Harry and Meghan would have had to start the immigration process in 2018 if he were admitted to the country under a spousal-based immigrant visa petition, but mind you, they couldn’t have started it until after they were married in May of that year.

The first step requires a noncitizen’s spouse to file a petition to sponsor him, followed by an immigrant visa application that allows him to permanently move to the United States. This can take anywhere from eight to 21 months depending on which immigration service center is assigned to adjudicate the petition.
Once the noncitizen hurdles that obstacle, a pre-processing of the visa application occurs. After the National Visa Center completes its review, which can take three to four months, the consulate where the noncitizen lawfully resides then schedules an interview to issue a visa, allowing the noncitizen to board a plane to the states. From beginning to end, and under normal circumstances, it can take anywhere from one to two years to obtain the immigrant visa.

But circumstances are now far from normal. In response to the pandemic, the U.S. Consulates and Embassy in Canada and the United Kingdom are operating in a limited capacity for emergency services to U.S. citizens only. All routine consular services, including visa services, have been suspended — hence my suspicion that Harry gained admission to the country under his previously issued diplomatic passport, rather than with a freshly issued immigrant visa.

 There’s more.

How Did Harry Enter the States?

Unlike the unwashed masses who generally fly commercial to the United States, the pilot flying the private plane carrying the royal pair was required to file an Advance Passenger Information System manifest electronically to Customs and Border Protection for each person traveling aboard the aircraft. Regulations also require that electronic notices of arrival and departure and electronic manifests relative to travelers be submitted to Customs and Border Protection within specific timeframes. If my assumptions are correct and Harry was traveling on his diplomatic passport seeking admission to the United States as a diplomat, then he was presumably traveling to the states on behalf of the United Kingdom to engage solely in official duties as a member of the royal family.

Unfortunately for Harry, his grandmother, the queen, made it excessively clear those duties expired on March 31, 2020. Point being, if Harry entered the United States under anything other than an immigrant visa, or some type of temporary nonimmigrant visa with a dual-intent component that allowed him to seek permanent residence in the United States, it is very likely he committed a fraud upon admission that could subject him to the institution of removal proceedings: deportation.

Available waivers would allow him to remain in the country, but they would require demonstrating that Meghan would suffer extreme hardship if her spouse were deported and she were forced to return to the U.K. to live with her fabulously wealthy husband in an actual castle. I hope they have a good immigration lawyer.

There are alternative but less likely explanations of how Harry entered. He could have just used a U.K. passport under a program that allows citizens of the United Kingdom to enter the United States without a visa for 90 days, but he would be required to depart the country or risk becoming subject to an administrative order of removal that would bar him from returning to the country. It is also possible their pilot didn’t notify Customs and Border Protection of the passengers on board, and Harry simply walked off the plane without inspection, which would make him an “illegal” immigrant.

Coronavirus Is a Convenient ‘Unforeseen Emergency’
I suspect, however, that this analysis is nothing more than an exercise in frivolity as the likelihood of Harry being deported for entering the United States unlawfully is about as great as me being crowned king of England.

The law provides a seldom-used exception that waives documentary requirements in Customs and Border Protection’s discretion “on the basis of unforeseen emergency in individual cases.” There’s no definition of “unforeseen emergency” in the immigration regulations, which affords inspecting officers broad discretionary decision-making powers.

In sum, and paraphrasing Mel Brooks’ “History of the World, Part I,” it’s good to be the formerly sixth-in-line to be king. Welcome to America, Harry!
/Matthew L. Kolken has served as an elected director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Board of Governors, where he has been a member since 1997. Mr. Kolken has appeared nationally on MSNBC, FOX News, and CNN. You may follow Matthew Kolken on Twitter @mkolken./

Thank you for your submission!  However, they didn’t lose their titles, that aren’t allowed to use them for something tacky. Harry is allowed to visit the US for up to 6 months.  However, ME again will lose her attempt at becoming a British citizen. 


Catherine St. Laurent…someone who used stand for something important

This woman, Catherine St. Laurent, used to have credentials that meant something in the Philanthropic world. Is this a decision that she has made because she wants her own version of celebrity…she wants to be important…she wants to be noticed as a “somebody” because she is so insecure?

Perhaps she just wants money. It certainly cannot be that she just wants to work for Malibu Markle! That would take an intellectual plunge that no charity or foundation would view with an eye to hiring her in the future.

What is her goal…a book..celebrity status… money…a place on the global stage…what??? I am truly at a loss, as I originally thought anyone from the Gates foundation had some status. a strong self-image, and would not give it up easily.

I had heard many had turned down the opportunity, but never in a million years did I think that Ms. St. Laurent would step up as the neediest of the lot…ever.

I have always believed, we all stand for something…there is no price that can buy or pay for who and what we stand for. If Ms. Laurent signs on to be attached to Malibu Markle, apparently, there is.

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Thank you anon! Malibu Markle, that one is going to stick! 

Megs is bored and playing a game

Their Instagram account was deactivated a couple of times yesterday, but then it was suddenly back. Megs obviously doesn’t know if she should keep it or not.

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MM loves to play games! She has been playing since day one.  Maybe its a power struggle with the palace to delete it, and she keeps turning it back on.

Just between you and the man on the moon, I don’t think Harry is with her for some reason.  I need proof of life.

I did have the inside edge that said, Engagement, Marriage, Kid, Divorce. She was supposed to go quietly after some time. We initially thought after a year of marriage, but that might have been too soon for the British People to swallow.

I am entirely sure that the Brits want nothing more to do with her.  All of this is one big dog and pony show with her fading into the background. Notice Scoobie said we wouldn’t hear from them for months?  That’s really unlike him to say something like this. I speculate that Harry isn’t with her and is reunited with friends. We shall see.

We have to wait for the first pap stroll.

PS: It’s about the followers, IG no longer transfers followers to the new site. Of course, MegaHo is fighting with them.

I cannot believe it!

A German state finance minister took his own life after expressing “despair” over how to handle the economic fallout from coronavirus, an official said.

Thomas Schaefer, who was the finance minister of Germany’s Hesse region, was found dead by suicide Saturday on railway tracks at Hochheim, which is near Frankfurt. —-
I am speechless, JD. I don’t know what to say.


Q & Q+ proof?

What a dumb reason to kill yourself! Unless he is in up to his neck and the walls were closing in. We know this was a bullshit virus. If you infect and kill your own people that would weigh heavy. I speculate he was in over his head. 

Thank you anon, 🥰


Trump is right.

There were many questions around Harry and Meghan, who were supposed to settle in LA. Imagine the left media which has promoted Markle for years? Reporters would ask stupid questions about MM, her political comments toward Trump, and his reaction. He shuts it down. If they want to live in LA, fine. But they will need to pay the security cost on their own. Pure and simple. No more questions.

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It’s as simple as that, Anon. If she is going to spout out at the mouth, we’ll handle her.  Currently, the left media is not her friend for leaving the Royal Family so she can make money. She comes across as Gold digger. 

Maybe its time Trump did something about those big foundations that keep the money for themselves. We never cared for the Clinton foundation. That’s what her plan is to live off the funds of a foundation. I think its time we taxed that. 

Thank you anon, 🥰JD 

Trump, Meghan, Harry

Trump is not speaking to Harry or Meagain. He is letting the hard-working tax-paying American people KNOW, with no uncertainty, that their hard-earned money isn’t going to subsidize these freeloading hypocrites. Trump 2020

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Absolutely Anon!  These two nitwits wanted a reaction from Trump just to get free PR.  Trump has far more critical things to do, and that’s taking care of the American people. I love him for that!  Bang-up job! 

Watch these two nitwits go with the border charity, and I can guarantee that every patriot will school them hard! It’s not going to be easy for them to quit the Royal family. One, Americans don’t give a damn about anyone royal. 

Thank you anon, 🥰JD 

Chelsy…the great love of Harry’s life

If in fact Chelsy was at the infamous farewell party for Harry, I believe what I read that it was an emotional greeting and farewell Harry and Chelsy shared. I share the view that they were each others’ great love and but for the intense scrutiny they would have lived under, would probably have been a married couple today. They were most compatible, she adapted very easily and happily to all of the family, and apparently they were all very fond of her. I have seen the look of love in the eyes of former lovers and you can usually tell when they present a wistfulness towards the other person that their love is still present. Harry calling Chelsy prior to the wedding to have a long (and probably meaningful) talk with her about their shared history is something I think both will cherish. Neither is ever really out of the others thoughts, that is evident. The Megans of this world never become the “great love” that a Chelsy is because they simply do not have the emotional depth to sustain a long term relationship, because they are in the relationship for the wrong reasons. Not only do they not have the staying power because they are so superficial, but they are totally lacking in the genuine ability to love anyone. I believe that is the case with Harry and sincerely believe that is also going to prove to be the case with her own son.

Thank you anon, that was lovely!