NYT has officially become hot garbage!

Kavanaugh accuser’s friend dismisses original allegations, detail also not mentioned in NYT excerpt of book

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on the New York Times’ flawed ‘bombshell’ Brett Kavanaugh story that has been widely panned.

Leland Keyser, a friend of Christine Blasey Ford who allegedly was at the party where Ford says Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her decades ago, now says the story “just didn’t make any sense.”

That revelation is contained in a forthcoming book, by New York Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, titled “The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation.“ But the Times omitted any reference to Keyser’s comments in a widely panned article this weekend by Pogrebin and Kelly that was adapted from the book.

The Times’ article instead included an uncorroborated allegation from a Clinton-linked lawyer claiming Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted a female student, without mentioning that the student did not recall the events in question. The Times later published a major update to include those details, along with an editors’ note, but not before virtually all major Democratic presidential candidates had called for Kavanaugh’s impeachment.

Specifically, Keyser challenged Ford’s narrative that sometime in the summer of 1982, Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge assaulted her at a party also attended by Keyser and P.J. Smith.

"I don’t have any confidence in the story,” Keyser told the reporters of Ford’s claims, according to outlets that have reviewed advance copies of the forthcoming book.

"Those facts together I don’t recollect, and it just didn’t make any sense,” Keyser added.

“Those facts together I don’t recollect, and it just didn’t make any sense.”

— Leland Keyser

Ford has been unable to identify exactly where or when the alleged assault occurred, or how she got home after the incident.

Keyser reportedly remarked: "It would be impossible for me to be the only girl at a get-together with three guys, have her leave, and then not figure out how she’s getting home.“ Keyser told Pogrebin and Kelly, "I just really didn’t have confidence in the story.”

I agree, and people should cancel subscriptions. This allegedly happened what 30 years ago? At Yale, really GTFOOH! Just that alone and being the only girl at a get together with three guys at Uni? 😆😆😆

That crap never happened!

Thank you anon!🌸😎🥰


Anon said: MM “Charity” Clothes

Anon said: MM “Charity” Clothes

Just saw those clothes MM apparently designed… hideous. Either way, it’s obvious that MM loves her vanity projects. There’s nothing royal about her. She really doesn’t hide that she wants to be a celebrity.


I doubt very much she designed anything more liked ordered people. The design I like most isn’t part of the collection, and the tote is leather, I’m surprised people…

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Anon said: Skin colors

Have you seen these new photos? Once again Meghan’s face has a different color than the rest of her body. She always makes her face darker than it actually is.


Speaking about the designs, the Duchess added: ‘I thought, this is going to be classics and essentials. What are traditional and quintessential British brands that I’ve become introduced to since I moved here which resonate and I knew resonated with the Smart Works customer? 

Why doesn’t she wear any? The smart work girl doesn’t have any money, Meghan! 

MM can’t help but bronze up for the cameras, we are immuned to the race card grenades, they don’t hold any water.  Skin color doesn’t matter, it’s what’s inside that does.

The video that goes with this article is vomitous lies.  I can’t wait for the leaks of MM demands.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎😘

Anon said: MM “Charity” Clothes

Just saw those clothes MM apparently designed… hideous. Either way, it’s obvious that MM loves her vanity projects. There’s nothing royal about her. She really doesn’t hide that she wants to be a celebrity.

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I doubt very much she designed anything more liked ordered people. The design I like most isn’t part of the collection, and the tote is leather, I’m surprised people haven’t slammed her for that one.  The tote isn’t that bad, if only we could see the inside.


Maybe I’m old fashion, but undersize suit jackets look stupid with floods. 


Meghan, jeans weren’t made for you, why isn’t she wearing the blue flour sack?  Meghan should never belt anything, she is short-waisted.


Thank you for your opinion, 🌸😎😘

PS: The filler is overflowing

Anon submits: DM- Two directors quit their roles

Two directors at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new charity foundation quit their roles – including one poached from Prince William and Kate Middleton just weeks ago.


The talk of the web last week was that Sara Latham resigned, I’m glad to see it legitimized in the press. The dastardly duo is out of touch with their role as working royals. Harry Markle and his wife Meghan are delusional to think it’s everyone’s else fault, lousy press, RACIST to question their hypocrisy.


Their elitism isn’t reality-based, it may have sounded like a good idea, but we’ve watched MM over the years copy off of others. Did you notice that a bunch of people worked for Bill and Hill than the Sussex’s? Meghan’s been blasting the Hillary/Soros narrative since she invaded the Royal world.


Paddy Iverson was Prince Charles go-to guy to make Camilla look good at the expense of the boys. That’s where Heather Wong came from, but I was surprised to learn she worked for the Clinton’s! Every so slowly the Royals are being overrun with leftist American politics. The Woke state of BS, none of it’s true. I refer you back to the Kitty Links and our posts on global warming/climate change as a massive hoax to collect a carbon tax.


We bloggers can keep jumping up and down to get the attention of the press to blast this narrative into the next century as Bogus, and I wish someone would do this NOW!  I’m serious, and it’s not a conspiracy theory anymore!


Thank you anon, God bless America and the United Kingdom, 🌸😎😘

Anon Submits the Fakery continues

The fakery continues. Is there a baby?

Embed from Getty Images

The Duke Of Cambridge And The Duke Of Sussex Take Part In The King Power Royal Charity Polo Day


Is the baby much older than claimed? I doubt there was a christening whenever the Sussexes claim privacy it is because they need to cover something up.

Embed from Getty Images

TOPSHOT-BRITAIN-ROYALS-ARCHIE – Offical christening picture


Privacy re: where the baby would be born LOL cause there was no baby to be born out of MM.

Privacy re: who the delivering doctor was, well, cause no doctor did any delivery and then privacy re godparents cause there never was a christening hence, no, need for godparents.

Oh yeah, the AoC who allegedly did the baptism was in Durham for a conference the same day. LOL, I believe it was York? In any case, he still wasn’t there.

Enty, the entertainment lawyers dropped a blind that the name Archie was from Riverdale a teen show on the CW. Sperm Donor?  or she is insane to think that Blanket Boy will look like him?


The fakery is awe-inspiring. And the celeb tweets? Pleeease typical celeb scratch my back etc. Convinces no one, but spend that pr money, Meghan!!


Thank you anon for your submittal! What tricky things the Sussex Team does for attention. It all boils down to her fashion line.  The celebs fake outrage was free PR, sending the Woke message of the left! YOU’RE RACIST for criticizing the future King and Queen (country to be determined) if you didn’t bow down to the biggest narcissists on the planet. She built up excitement and landed the clothing line which I have no doubt that she is making money on this adventure.

Total fakery, she can’t contain her dramatic excitement while looking at herself. It’s called acting!


The entire mess was unnecessary and costly to taxpayers, and for what?  To piss off Great Britain?  They don’t care as long as brand Markle gets in the headlines and gets another chance to tell you how racist and awful you all are.  The scam was free PR. She is back to old school dramatics.


Elton shouldn’t have lied for them, that’s not his aircraft.


Nobody should fall for the fake Hollywood George Soros narrative and call them out freely. We are immuned to the race card stun grenade.  It’s a new low for team Sussex. 🌸😎


Barr was right. They did spy on Trump and his campaign.

The Obama administration was engaged in the biggest political spying operation in US history.


Should we fasten our seatbelts? Fall is almost here.


Yep, I finally got to watch live last night since I started streaming.  The sad part is the left has tripled down to attack the president and outlets that are positive toward the president.


BlueShare is going lie, cheat, and steal whatever it takes to attack and hurt this president!


Horowitz report is right around the corner, and the memo was put out showing Clinton, DNC is the ones responsible for the FISA warrants. John Solomon points out that Obama knew about this!


Watch Dan Bongino and don’t forget to subscribe and like his stuff.

Legal immigration is good. Illegal immigration is bad.

Legal immigration is good. Illegal immigration is bad.

Legal immigration is good. Illegal immigration is bad. Why? Because it’s ILLEGAL. It’s against the law. So simple to understand.

Ask yourself which country can you cross into without proper documentation? You’re wrong if you think you are welcome to Mexico. You’re wrong if you think they will give you free stuff as soon as you cross into their country.

What happened in Mississippi a few days…

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