Megsy… Harry mated for life…even if you didn’t!

If correct, that Lady Colin’s book outlines a scenario of the Harkle marriage that Harry is desperately in love with and anxious to please “Her Nibs,” divorce will be very, very messy. If correct, that Lady Colin’s book showcases a weak and unstable JH, how exactly do you extricate yourself from that relationship. You don’t; it doesn’t play well to the HW crowd you are trying to impress.

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If one partner is so desperate to keep you happy and has done everything humanly possible to make that happen…you don’t bail (as you are wont to do). Again, it doesn’t play well to the HW crowd you are trying to impress.

If this marriage has that same partner vulnerable to an unstable state of mind as a result of the insane antics of his narcissistic, sociopathic wife and her erratic ravings towards you…what are her options? MM certainly cannot go public with the old “irreconcilable differences.”

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JH has done everything to make MM happy. Money, status, clothes, security, and love. Everything she ever wished for…he gave her. You will find you can not desert Harry for the simple reason everyone already believes you are a fraud, so this decision to divorce him would seal your fate in the world you so want to be part of.

Forget about what you have already lost…no career, no friends, no life and now, no future. You would be the Heather Mills of HW (does anyone know what has happened to her?).

You could be tied up in court in England for years with any attempt to divorce. The world would call foul! The foul would be that JH could counter sue for an annulment (child or no child). Harry would be the damaged partner you left destroyed. He entered the marriage with all the belief and trust in his love for you. JH believed you when you said you loved him as deeply (as you said so many times before to others).

The problem is that Harry meant it. We all know that you have the emotional depth of a birdbath and were completely lacking in any commitment to the marriage. Your only commitment was to a marriage that lasted as long as you would need it to last. You came into the BRF with a plan not to modernize it, but to monetize it. You came in with a plan not to love the UK, but to leave it.

You might have even believed if you drove Harry to the brink, as most think you have with your schemes and cunning PR, he would welcome divorce. You never counted on the one thing that most couples entering marriage want…that someone would unconditionally and desperately love you. You didn’t count on it because that is not what you were offering…it was not part of the deal you were making with Harry. It was part of the deal you were making with the devil, and you are stuck with it.

As much as it pains me, he was really in love with Megatron. Did you see the first cut of the engagement interview he told her he was really in love with her and she did nothing? Where was the adult, the minder for Harry? 

Okay, I just heard, and it may be a rumor that Megsie and Harry are coming back to the UK for like 4 to 6 weeks. It doesn’t take a blind man to know there is something wrong.  We keep hearing he misses England’s countryside, and this is the time he does Polo. What’s he doing in America, nothing! Stuck in somebody’s house who he never met. 

If this is true, he isn’t going back to LA. We shall see the fur fly by September. There are so many colorful metaphors that I want to use right now, and I could blame it on Tourettes. Use your imagination how I feel about the Hoe. 

Thank you very much! 


Inside Daisy Markle

That is the question…what is going on, inside the scheming head of narcissistic/sociopathic Daisy Markle? Am I the only one who believes that Jessica Mulroney would have called Markle when this mess first started…and looked to her for advice? I believe she did call her…and Daisy gave her insight into how to handle this problem.

I believe she gave her permission to invoke their relationship and how racism “affected” Daisy Markle etc. We know from other of her friends that none of Markle’s friends would ever speak publicly of her without checking with her first. I believe Markle molded and directed the narrative,i.e., “go this way publicly, lay on the mea culpa”, “privately say whatever you want” Daisy Markle completely set her up in such a way that Mulroney would be buried, and Daisy Markle would come out smelling like the proverbial rose (Markle ,i.e. I am a victim of racism…make it about me).

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This provides Markle with the perfect out of the friendship, via a briefly thought out, shocked response that would require her to sever the friendship publicly. Later revelations reveal it was a friendship that was becoming all too much of a success story for Mulroney, much to Daisy Markle’s chagrin.

Truth be told, it was not as Markle states that Mulroney was using her name and status to build on her brand. Mulroney was building on her own brand, as Markle had used Mulroney early on for merching in the “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” world of the influencer.

The exchanges escalated, Mulroney went off script, and eventually, it all blew up between Sasha and Mulroney. I would be remiss if I did not point out that while it may not have been Daisy Markle’s plan to completely derail the career of her former bestie, it did shine a light on the depths of Markle’s resentment for Mulroney’s success and anger at the lack of her own success.

Had she stayed in Canada, what Mulroney had as a quality of life (without the kids, family responsibility, etc., permanent husband family team image) would have been a fairly good life for the old Megan Markle, financially and professionally. Big Fish…small pond kind of thing, but good as a plan B for her.

In the beginning, Markle did not mind that Mulroney was profiting from the friendship. Markle wanted bigger fish to fry. However, when all her cards were played and no agents called back with an “A-list” director, an Oscar ready script or meetings at Soho House, any narcissist worth her salt would run amuck.

Simultaneously, Markle looked over her shoulder and saw the contracts for services that Mulroney was lining up. So, when given the opportunity when she got the call from Mulroney for advice, I think she did the only thing Markle knows to do when looking to be perceived as a sincere insider…she sold her out!

Markle, in her crazed, misguided, sociopathic mind, had to ensure that Mulroney was no longer on top…Markle would be…she had to humble her, one might say…enjoy taking her down. Markle knowingly sabotaged her own friend with ill-conceived advice. Markle did this consciously, as a witness, the BLM response took 8 days, and this response was swift, to say the least…a matter of hours. She was that ready for it to implode.

A response, not to protect her, but to distance her. Markle could stand in the wings, knowing her advice would be taken and ensure the outcome. Markle believed she would come out with no blood on her hands. She is wrong. Markle programmed her friend to fail…and only someone without a soul could do that.

I absolutely agree with this and this is what I see happening. I actually feel bad for Jess because I know MM had a hand in this takedown.  Jess was tasting success and doing what she knows best is fashion and weddings.

I hope Jess has hard proof such as texts and emails from Markle. That’s the only way she gets her jobs back. 

The timing is really bad and I hope Jess sinks her in court.

I’m going to make this post sticky for a couple of days to let this sink in. 

Thank you anon, JD🥰

The Trudeaus

I came across this today. It is from mid-May.

Frank Guistra is also mentioned. More connections.
I hope Meghan doesn’t now set her sights on Justin.


Giustra is a principle funder of the Clinton Global Initative’s work in Haiti.  For several months earlier this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markel had been living at one of his homes in British Columbia.


The Boy’s Club Network is a mentorship network for ‘the most at risk boys’ and was founded by two Vancouver secondary school educators nearly two decades ago. Frank Giustra was an inaugural supporter and continues to be a mentor to many at the Boy’s Club Network.

Sophie plans on staying married to him during his term. I always thought Justin was gay.

It’s awfully nice of Frank to lend her a house in London’s Notting Hill.  I think Frank would make a better target since he’s a billionaire.

Meghan must know she isn’t going to get a thing out of BRF. Harry’s trust fund can’t be touched for a divorce. She has to go for the money.

Thank you anon, 🥰


A ‘Brad Pitt Movie’ Just Confirmed Meghan Markle’s Hollywood Delusion

Hehehe, it’s like I wrote the article myself, I agree. One thing, Meghan Markle was blackballed before she met Harry. Nobody is going to lift a finger for her. Sunshine Sachs keep taking her money! 

Meghan Markle is like owning a boat, you keep throwing money into it and you’re always being towed ashore. You’re not going anywhere, babe! Sit on the dock like the rest of us. 


JD do you know if The Sun and the DM are close to each other? I know that they often copy articles from each other but do they have a close (business) relationship?

No, they don’t, they are competing for market share, they do piggyback stories. We are guilty here, if you read the stories you will see where the info came from another media outlet. I try to go back to the origins of the story it may take me several clicks to get there. 

The paper you are getting the info from may take a creative license to make it as salacious as possible. 

You have to look at the language on who brought the article, is it just a speculation article, is it an advertorial or clickbait? Is it a PR article? 

It can be lots of fun debunking and doing deep dives. 

Thank you anon, 🥰

Jessica Mulroney and MM

I’m not a big fan of BuzzFeed. 

In her public apology, she referenced her friendship with Meghan and Meghan’s experience as a biracial woman targeted by UK tabloids. Mulroney had also made an apparent reference to her friend in an earlier Instagram post in which she wrote that “someone dear” to her had told her to post more about racial injustice.

HMM, Interesting. 

Last Tango in Toronto…or is it L A?…or is it London?

Well where to begin…so much going on…too much going on…

1. Markle versus Mulroney… will end badly. Jess will win with first book out.
2. Doria moving in…to replace the long suffering Nanny (fired? Book deal?)
3. FAA investigates MM complaint. Survelliance of drone threats shows “None circling in named location”
4. Archewell charity…launch delayed until 2021 (see #10), lack of backers to support it but mainly, unable to locate quality sock company they can merch.
5. Beyoncé…well…what can you say about 100 million deal.
6. Obit Scabie book- shocking report- said Megxit planned since before wedding.
7. New “best friend of family” Liza Minelli offered to have them open for her in Vegas…because of
8. Harry’s mental anguish… still lost and unable to cope with all that he sees around him. Perhaps a full time job, 10 hours a day, would make him too tired to whine. Harkles looking forward to Liza job offer to be Roadies on her tour.
9. Scarlett O’Harkle has joined the LGBT orgs. in LA. She decided to come out as a woman of color. She has changed her previous designations of being Caucasian and feels she could do more to help as a black woman in the BLM movement. That will be her focus (this week). Going forward she will be known as “Trans Race”. She will be attending LGBT meetings with Doria, now that they have joined forces.
10. The Royal family has withdrawn their “one year and out offer”. They have chosen (after only two months and seeing all of the options the Harkles have filed to partner with/merch with ) to release them from having to wait until 2021 to launch their Archewell charity. The BRF felt any further delays would cause undue constraints on the time remaining for them to become SJW, global influencers and Kazillinaires, that it would be unfair.

BRF Exit Strategy-
It should be noted that all deals and offers are premised on an Offer and Acceptance. Therefore, while the Offer the BRF could put forward would be quickly accepted initially by the Harkles, the formalities are somewhat more pragmatic for the Royals. The Acceptance of this Offer would mean the Harkles relinquishing their Titles of : Duke and Duchess of Sussex, HRH titles, Harry remains Prince Harry (Megan is not a Princess ). Megan is Mrs. Megan Mountbatten.

Frogmore would be returned to the Queen and payments cease. Nott Cottage would be left available for any visits. No more Patronages (National Theater, Mayhew, Smart works, etc. ) All previously held positions/titles i.e., Commonwealth roles, would be relinquished. Harry, sans uniform , is no longer head of Marines or other military entities that he previously represented. Most importantly, the CASH COW known as Prince Charles ends his funding of the Harkles. Formal BRF appearances (TTOTC, Commonwealth Day, Balcony appearances etc. ) would be suspended.

It has always been my belief that MM only stayed until she got her hands on most of Harry’s money. The remainder of his money is his when he turns 40. She will stay until then because essentially Harry’s money is in trust and can not be used for a divorce settlement.

She will wait until she gets a house and access to the kind of $$$ she wants. She will still need Harry for that and it becomes more apparent every day she is not going to pull anything in without him.


Thank you anon!