The anti Trump publication is admitting that Schiff is a lier.

Trump retweeted Eli Lake, a columnist at Bloomberg, who said he has been reviewing the interview transcripts that were recently released in the collusion investigation. Lake wrote, “It’s now clear why every Republican on [Rep. Adam Schiff’s] committee in 2019 called for his resignation. He knew the closed-door witnesses didn’t support his innuendo and fakery on Russia collusion.”


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Yes, he did, but I watched the committee in action, and the Democrats were all in league with Adam Schiff, so they are to blame as well. The whole lot should be voted out.

You know what they should start interviewing these people and ask them what they think now. Get it on tape and embarrass the hell out of them.  That includes Nervous Nancy! They should apologize.

Thank you anon!


Princess Sofia of Sweden

Princess Sofia of Sweden

Anonymous said:
Are you familiar with the Swedish Royal family? The reason I ask is that Princess Sofia reminds me of MM and not in a good way.
Yes, and the trolls try to use Sofia as an example, but like smart PR the Swedes got out in front of it, and Sofia apologized. That was a smart move.
If we believe London PR chick, they suggested the same to MM, PR 101.  Fess up, apologize or feel the…

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Prince Harry what are we going to do with you?

Prince Harry what are we going to do with you?

Anonymous said:
I agree with you JD… I don’t believe Harry hates MM. Far from it. I believe he fell for a fake, the problem is, he thought she was the real deal. Call it extreme naïvety, wishful thinking, desperation.. whatever. Wonder how he feels now though?
Thank you for this, I know my view has changed after reading, we heard…

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