Everyone wants a work and holiday schedule like the woke couple

I’m sorry, Arch Bishop, you’ve got caught lying too many times to make what you say credibly.  People worked their bottoms off five days a week, and they don’t get six weeks to vacation. What the hell is the matter with these people?

If you are trying to become woke, get therapy, it’s wrong!  It’s refreshing to be a good steward for the planet, but please, don’t tell people they are dying in 12 years.

Changing your child’s sex; it’s abusive, children change their minds a million times. Let them be kids. The pronouns crap, excellent for you, it’s not for me, and if someone asks me what my pronouns are, you will receive an eye roll and MRS followed by a lecture. You be you, and I’ll be me.  Shut the front door on the woke couple.

Sorry,  I went off-topic but when it comes to Meghan and Harry it’s game on.