Anon Submits the Fakery continues

The fakery continues. Is there a baby?

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The Duke Of Cambridge And The Duke Of Sussex Take Part In The King Power Royal Charity Polo Day


Is the baby much older than claimed? I doubt there was a christening whenever the Sussexes claim privacy it is because they need to cover something up.

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TOPSHOT-BRITAIN-ROYALS-ARCHIE – Offical christening picture


Privacy re: where the baby would be born LOL cause there was no baby to be born out of MM.

Privacy re: who the delivering doctor was, well, cause no doctor did any delivery and then privacy re godparents cause there never was a christening hence, no, need for godparents.

Oh yeah, the AoC who allegedly did the baptism was in Durham for a conference the same day. LOL, I believe it was York? In any case, he still wasn’t there.

Enty, the entertainment lawyers dropped a blind that the name Archie was from Riverdale a teen show on the CW. Sperm Donor?  or she is insane to think that Blanket Boy will look like him?


The fakery is awe-inspiring. And the celeb tweets? Pleeease typical celeb scratch my back etc. Convinces no one, but spend that pr money, Meghan!!


Thank you anon for your submittal! What tricky things the Sussex Team does for attention. It all boils down to her fashion line.  The celebs fake outrage was free PR, sending the Woke message of the left! YOU’RE RACIST for criticizing the future King and Queen (country to be determined) if you didn’t bow down to the biggest narcissists on the planet. She built up excitement and landed the clothing line which I have no doubt that she is making money on this adventure.

Total fakery, she can’t contain her dramatic excitement while looking at herself. It’s called acting!


The entire mess was unnecessary and costly to taxpayers, and for what?  To piss off Great Britain?  They don’t care as long as brand Markle gets in the headlines and gets another chance to tell you how racist and awful you all are.  The scam was free PR. She is back to old school dramatics.


Elton shouldn’t have lied for them, that’s not his aircraft.


Nobody should fall for the fake Hollywood George Soros narrative and call them out freely. We are immuned to the race card stun grenade.  It’s a new low for team Sussex. 🌸😎