In Hollywood right now is a key person the FBI should be talking to about the activities of not only the pedophile, but also the foreign born recruiter/sex trafficker not named Ghislaine.

In Hollywood is an agent. This agent is someone who was an equal partner with the foreign born recruiter/sex trafficker, at least for the office here in Los Angeles. He was in charge of finding the youngest possible girls for “modeling,” and also had them shipped all over the world, including to the pedophile whenever they found someone especially appealing. This agent, who has a very recognizable last name, specialized in Central and South American girls. He frequently traveled to the most fertile yachting grounds with a book of models he and the recruiter/sex trafficker had found and clients could order the “model” of their choosing.

He is involved with a group that has elite members from throughout the world. All of these elite members are men. It is a powerful group of entertainers, celebrities, and political leaders not named The Bohemian Grove. It is a group that has risen almost overnight in its popularity among a select group of men. After meeting the agent, these men are often seen with one of the “models.” So, despite the misfortunes of his former partner, this agent has continued the trail they made together and is branching out even more.

Oh, and this agent has publicly supported the sex trafficker/recruiter and their long partnership. No shame in his game.

The pedophile: Jeffrey Epstein

Foreign born recruiter/sex trafficker not named Ghislaine: Eddie Trump (no relationship to the President)

The agent: Ari Emanuel (Rahm’s brother in L.A.)

We’re closing in on all the ties peeps……

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