Ariana Grande ~ not distinguished enough

Ariana Grande ~ not distinguished enough

Blind Item About Ariana Grande/Damehood

Not Distinguished

This singer is pretending that she was about to receive a big award or honor but declined it because she felt that the timing wasn’t right.

Not true. It’s a story that was made up to try to bolster her image.

It is complete rubbish. No one ever reached out to her and offered her anything. [This award] is only given to people after many,…

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Anon: Ariana Grande and HM

Anon: Ariana Grande and HM

Anonymous said:

IS that true Ariana Grande had turned down a damehood by the Queen? I Just don’t believe this story btw that it’s even the truth. To me, it Sounds like she’s screaming for attention. Not being rude just wondering.

You are right to ask, and you don’t jump to Dame that easily. I say this story is thirsty 🍸🍷 . it’s from the Sun🤣 Thank you anon 🌸😎JD

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