Part 2: Have you heard anything from Aristo Anon? I know the last time she mentioned she was pregnant. Congrats to her!!! I wondered if she had any tidbits of her encounter with MM and PH.

Part 2- No, I haven’t heard anything from her. I appreciate you writing to me. 

Thank you anon 🌹🌹🌹🌹


Aristo Anon, WOW, shockley Good Gossip on Meghan Markle

Sorry for posting so late JD! I hadn’t realised my posts were so long-winded so I’ll try to be concise. Meeting #1 was a private dinner a little over a week before the engagement was announced. She looked nice. I guess. Her hair was down and she wore this tatty black dress. The hem appeared to have been gnawed by mice (my observation, not fact!). She greeted me with a smile, introduced herself and talked about the weather. She was very confident almost annoyingly so. She didn’t spend very much time with the ladies. In fact, she was stuck to Harry’s side most of the evening. She only seemed to converse with whomever he had already spoken to. I got the impression that she was intimidated. Looking back, I’m more surprised the couple hadn’t been beaming from ear to ear. There was nothing that evening that hinted at an engagement. No loving glances, excessive touching or grand proclamations of affection. Rather the two seemed to be in their own little world. They appeared a couple 20 years into marriage and on the brink of divorce, not one who’s newly engaged. It was slightly awkward at the time and even moreso now. They left shortly after the third course was served. The excuse we were give was that she felt poorly. Not sure if it is true.

Meeting #2 was in February at country home. I can’t be too detailed about this because it was such a small gathering. I’ll focus purely on Ms. Markle. She was very high energy that day. More than on our previous meeting. She seemed positively manic! Whereas at our first meeting she refrained from conversation with the women, this time she would not shut up! She had an air about her as if she were somehow above us. She insisted upon touching her hair every half second it seemed. It’s as if she wanted us to acknowledge her ring and new status. None of us did. Oh we congratulated them as the polite thing, but we steered clear of the topic most of the day. Her behaviour wasn’t the only thing that changed. I noticed that she spoke with a slight, plummy accent somewhat like Catherine’s. She acted like most women who enter our circle. It’s a pathetic, nouveaux riche display of wealth in the hopes of gaining acceptance and status. It was grating but provided much gossip later on. Seeing them together was still quite odd. They seemed more like strangers than a couple. No real affection was shared between them. In fact, at several points in the day Harry had grown frustrated with her. When she wasn’t peacocking for us, she and Harry were off whispering to one another. There was tension which she tried desperately to downplay. She poured her attention onto one young man, leaning in and listening intently. She was putting in the grandest show expecting Harry to say something. When he failed to respond, she walked off. If I remember correctly they left shortly thereafter.

Meeting #3 was at the wedding breakfast. The entire day felt so informal and so uncultured. I was expecting her to look like the cat that got the cream and she did. But it felt fake. In her eyes I saw fear. She reminded me of someone being caught out. As if she had pulled off a major bluff and was now asked to show her hands. I felt sorry for her in that instance but then she immediately got this smug look again. I’m not sure if she’d intended to give me the impression of fear but the look never left her eyes. I watched her as she greeted other guests. I think the universe has called her to task and now she must perform. But from the rumours I’ve heard, the performance will be Oscar worthy. Aristo

Also, I created an account so that I can send my thoughts as they are instead of being limited by word counts. What i am writing is what i can recall of the events that have occurred. I may have forgotten certain details or glossed over others. It is hard to remember the moments of others lives when you have your own. I will be on holiday starting tomorrow, so I may not answer when need. Apologies in advance!