Misha Nonoo is a legit aristocrat businesswoman

Misha Nonoo is a legit aristocrat businesswoman

Anonymous said:
If Misha is a legit aristocrat businesswoman, why would she bother with a nobody climber like Meg? The people that Meg attracts and then use baffles me as I see who she is from 1000 miles away. Same with Harry. Why would he marry a divorced older hooker? He can do who he wants in private, but you would think he would marry a lady and keep the ho’s on the…

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Missy Percy’s Happy Birthday


Missy Percy’s 30th birthday bash was last night too so most of the aristos that were at church & champagne reception at Englefield Estate for the wedding were not at Pippa’s evening party but at Syon House which will never be confused with Megs Soho house lol 

thank you anon for sharing this, fantastic table set up, it looks like fun