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The DNC has lost their minds!

I was YouTubing on the recliner yesterday, and I couldn’t believe that they asked Boot edge- edge and Amy Klobuchar to step down before super Tuesday to give the gaffe machine the vote to upset Bernie!  I was laughing my head off!  They must really be desperate to shut down the investigation into the corruption of Joe Biden.  That and they hate Bernie more, lol.

The Dems and their Main Stream Media is politizing the Coronavirus. President Trump was on this quicker than Obama H1N1 Swine Flu Virus, where thousands died, the man waited six months before calling it an emergency.

President Trump quarantined anyone coming from China; he also shut the borders down. All people went to military bases for observation.

Governor Newson lied through his teeth, claiming he has thousands of cases sending the stock market spiraling down.

How much do they hate the US by claiming this bullshit?

Then we get the best news ever! Hillary Clinton is being called to DC Court to explain the emails. They have recovered every email!

Here is X22 report with all the details, he Q recommended!

🤣🤣🤣🤣The Clinton’s are going to get sick real fast, maybe claiming CoronaVirus.