Nancy Pelosi Release the Articles of Impeachment!

by jerseydeanne

We have waited almost three years for our turn in court, and Nancy is withholding the articles of Impeachment and pushing the Senate around?

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Painstakingly, I watched every House hearing since this began, it’s an absolute disgrace.  A drug dealer gets a better defense than our President, who, by the way, was duly elected by the people, 68 million of them and more are switching over every day.

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From what I understand, Nancy can’t withhold these articles very long.  It’s the law!

The Dems are running scared, the top percent, they have woven this tale of betrayal to their base. It’s not based on fact, and it’s based on the bias with opinions and hearsay.

The Dem’s are so pissed that this President won, WHY are you so mad?  There are always other elections for the love of God!

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Do you know why? President Trump and the Patriots are turning their world upside down, draining the swamp one person at a time.  They are stopping the cookie jar corruption.  They are changing the banking system. They are giving back government to the people. They want you to exercise your freedom of speech, freedom of expression. They want the pedophile culture to go to hell.

Dark to light, and I see this clearly now, the dark cloud of depression has lifted, and there is hope for our country.  Everyone I’ve met in this Q community has been loving, Christians, and Jews fighting for a common cause, I right to exist freely — the way the framers wanted.

George Soros and David Brock were more than happy to give it to you.  They wanted to prosecute the hell out of anyone remotely liking Trump.  They told their base to lie like hell without any consciousness of the damage to human life.  Check out the kitty link, Shills, and trolls and scroll down to the very bottom to see the private memo sent out to their base.  I’m telling you they should go to jail!  They knowingly tried to take down a sitting president.

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These actors are trying the same thing in the UK, but thankfully BOJO is on top of it! God Sped, Mr. Prime Minister, kick them the fuck out.

We need to stand together as Humans and fight for our rights to be free,