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Anon said: KP is working hard red arrow down

Anon said: KP is working hard red arrow down

Anonymous said:
Haha the KP is working hard to red arrow down all the comments that criticizing Markle on the new DM article. She’s so pathetic and desperate. She must be really dumb if she thinks she will make everybody in the world love her. If she can’t accept that she has people who don’t like her, she should leave the BRF and move to Canada or America back.
Doesn’t KP have enough troubles…

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How Dumb is Meghan Markle PR Team?

How Dumb is Meghan Markle PR Team?


Anonymous said:

How stupid is Markle’s PR team??? Why do they think removing comments will help Markle? It will make the situation just worse, and it shows the people whose comments got deleted were right about her. Man-child Harry wants to force us to like his stupid wife.

It will spread like napalm!  Dumb ass move, SMH, we aren’t children.
I was reading a specific…

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Anon says : Stopped reading articles about Meghan Markle

Anon says : Stopped reading articles about Meghan Markle

Anonymous said:

I have stopped reading the articles about Meghan – incl. the comments about her. She’s just so effing annoying. Plus, I’m convinced that in a couple of years we will get a very entertaining divorce and that’s where the real fun begins.

Hell yes, I’ve said since they got married she is for a while, not forever.
I wish she would lay off the dark…

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The happenings of a Gaslighter Meghan Markle this weekend!

The happenings of a Gaslighter Meghan Markle this weekend!

The Queens Patronages doesn’t include the National Theatre
I have scoured through the Royal Website along with another anon, and there isn’t any patronage for HM that include Nation Theatre or NT as it’s known.

(Photo by Dominic Lipinski-WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Prince Harry isn’t leaving the Royal Family because MM says so.  MM gave up her family willingly with no help from…

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New Year’s resolution:

New Year’s resolution:

Anonymous said:
New Year’s resolution: not clicking on a Meghan Markle article anymore. There are certain people I like to read the comments about, but Meghan is just too much at this point. She single-handed managed to destroy the mystique of the British monarchy. Their marriage is already damaging the RF, and the divorce will be worse. Harry is a twit when it comes to this woman.
Let’s see what…

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Yep, We know that, but not all the time

Yep, We know that, but not all the time

viewsalope said:
Always watch for the telltale bullsh*i words in the stories: “It is believed that”, “Sources claim”, etc. All of that means THEY DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW. The Daily Mailrag and The Sun were caught lying outright recently by entities outside the Royal Family.
Come to our website and read how we break down an article. Radar online was so much fun today, people in the…

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And todays edition of the New Windsor Reality Show

And todays edition of the New Windsor Reality Show

The Express has a headline Did Will and Kate EVER welcome Meghan? Rather controversial but the article now says Kate and Meg do their best to get along the problem is Harry and Will. The narrative changes. The article claims Harry is mad at Will cause Will never rolled the red carpet out for Megsy.

Now I do not remember Harry exactly knocking himself out singing Kate’s praises, in fact, wasn’t…

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