99 views of Princess Margaret

99 views of Princess Margaret

Anonymous said:
JD, I wasn’t interested, not really, figured I would just skim, “99 Views of Princess Margaret”. Having recalled her boho days, and knew her reputation via the Press, I wasn’t prepared for the tea spilled. It goes deeper into how the royals function, tidbits of ordinary occurrences that get magnified by virtue of being royal. I couldn’t stop reading was shocked by the exact same…

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Rumor sunday

Let’s see, I have heard that a Prince Wills is gay, Megan is friends with Camilla T and now the US weekly writer, Meghan has topless photo being leaked (which is FU, what kind of friend would do that) if it’s not photo shopped, I’ve said that the owner of that website should be dragged by horses through LA which the site is from, I’ve been  attacked by racist threaten me with 2nd amendment called me a redneck, I’m from Cherry Hill, NJ, disabled live in Florida now, she should have called me a cheese steak eating mother F’er than I could say, just ate one last night.

Anybody else want to add to the list of What the Fuck and where did that come from?