Anon submitted: Not Allowed to Talk to Meghan

“the women who were at the photoshoot have contacted someone on youtube called Danja zone.


And say they were told beforehand about the photoshoot and were told not to look at Meghan. And especially not in the eyes. That the people who were going to be hugged by Meghan were chosen before, everyone else was just a prop.”


Okay, wow, I can’t believe I agree with her on this. Meghan is known to be a monster on set. She has gotten people fired before.  The only reason why I don’t use Ashli is that she believes in lizard people, but there is a swamp that needs draining, lol.



This shoot reminds me of Vanity Fair shoot that took everyone by surprise, she got her poses down, and that’s what I see here. Big old phony play acting for the cameras.


Media Meg hard at work building her brand so she can say adios Harry!  I got what I came for, thanks, bitches!


Thank you anon for the submission,