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Anon sent: Thoughts of Today’s World

Everything people deride as crazy conspiracy theories are true. The people who control the world, hate humanity. They pit Christians against Muslims, create fear and terror, control our information highways, pit the poor against the rich, undermine family values, confuse kids, promote a decadent, dog eat dog way of life, create MK ultra-human killing machines, poison our food, our water, our air, take embryo tissue from abortions they proclaim to be pro-choice, deal in slavery drugs and body part trades, start and end wars. The BRF are not innocent in some of this stuff. They are an ancient bloodline family who did not get to the top of the heap by playing nice. They do not play nice now. But GB needs them for societal, political and economic stability.


Thank you anon, well put! I started seeing the conspiracy theories and denied them as utter BS. LondonScoops anon was full of them, up is down and still, I refused to believe it.

Deadline made me go a step further and as I unpeeled this onion all those things started to connect together, making a believer out of me. Also, I wanted to do something more, HRH Princess Eugenie and her friend Jules were making awareness about modern slavery and I was interested in the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal.  Epstein enslaved young teens on a large scale he received a slap on the wrist and the big players got away being sealed in a file.

It’s leading me to these global connections of evil is the only way I can describe them.  Meghan Markle is connected to a bunch of players in the scheme of things.

I’ve been told Assange being extradited to the US is connected to this, we need him to testify and maybe Trump helps the UK with their pesky fame seeker.  Only time will tell, we await May 2nd hearing.  The Democrats of my nation should be genuinely scared Assange has the gravy on pizzagate.