Salty Cracker- Lefties Meltdown Over My Pillow Guy Making Face Masks


A Set Up

 Set UpAnonymous said:

He set you up you need to out him he’s getting paid to write that stroy he sourced you out for a reason. She pissed and is looking for revenge she’s getting desperate. They have tried everything to revive her image and it hasn’t worked she’s done her sister book will be the end of her.

Oh dont you worry. it’s handled.


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Anonymous said:

I’m not posting any comments but I read them and they do it again, this is from a user: They delete my comment. Lol.

Yeah it’s getting ridiculous, we see right thru it. And trying to silence the public is not going to make matters better. Just going to piss the public off even more. You are more than welcome to come here and  vent! lol


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