Q Drops!! 3857 Ask Yourself Why are There Coordinated Attacks on Both 8kun and Q

Highly sophisticated ‘State-level’ attacks [v 8kun] followed by FAKE NEWS attacks [v Q] the next day?
Ask yourself a simple question —– why?
It’s time to wake up.

Biden Team attack NY Times over ‘Clinton Cash’ author’s op-ed

I’m trying to make awareness that the democrats are blaming a duly elected president for crimes they committed.  They are deflecting, misdirection and litigious as posted in Kitty Links.


The blueshare is pushing the narrative to MSM and sue to the heck out of any Trump supporters. Look what Schiff is doing. The backers to this most egregious plan are David Brock and George Soros, both unelected Clinton super supporters.


They are supposed to be on the same side!

They are supposed to be on the same side!

Anonymous said:
No need to apology, JD.. happens to the best of us. That said, I noticed a long time ago that Harry and Meghan like to attack Willam and Kate with their PR team. There are many articles about there that Kate looks good, but Meghan looks good. Or how Kate desperately needed Meghan to dress well etc.
Thank you!   Yes!  It’s amazing that MM knows how to divide and conquer all the way…

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Anon juli  from Felix , Enough! of this attacking me, I have nothing to do with this!

I’ve been working my tail off night and day for 2 years, I’m trying to build a website that I promised everyone. There are a lot of lies and unnecessary drama going on in Private Message that gets back to me every day.  

I do not wake up to figure out, what I am I going to do skippy today, NO,  I’m keeping my eye on the ball and accepting everyone’s opinions. I don’t care what skippy does until I got screenshots of posts yesterday and I have no idea why my name is included in those.  

Felix is on his own, he is his own boss, so when you guys run to him and bitch him out on his website that he owns has nothing to do with me.  Felix does not consult with me, I have no idea what he is going to say, but you guys know very well he will bite you back. Felix asked skippy to chill out, and she blocked him/ghosted. 

Skippy told me I wasn’t her boss when I asked her to support cat lady blog, that’s what we do for one another here, we empower one another. There is always room for anyone, that’s a real community. I have reached to skippy numerous times, wink thought it was a misunderstanding, it’s not. This is all over anons.  Our community looks for the truth. Nobody should threaten anyone over their right to state their opinion. 

Do you know this had all come out of the blue!  I’m busy and grateful for the interest in JD.com. 

People get jealous over anons, the jealousy has to stop and leave me alone. I can track the movements so thanks for the click. 

The private message war has got to stop. The passive-aggressive threats, like high school, if you are friends with JD, people are going to turn on you? Really ??  The same threat was sent to someone close to me. That person is scared, there are more that are afraid to like and reblog my stuff because of the skipperettes are checking my likes and reporting back to dear skippy so they can tell them that if they support me in any way it will reflect badly on them, the Nazi’s did the same.  One of my friends can’t have a discussion with skippy because she knows we are friends, but she accepts her anons, but we do fight for the same cause. Which is fucking ridiculous. It’s time for everyone to stop throwing fuel on the fire.  Why can’t you say something directly to me in private? I have to find out through friends, hey guess what? 

Why can’t we co-exist with one another? My website is not dedicated to Prince Harry, there are many categories. I’ve done 95% of the work on my own.  It’s a business now, I have a responsibility to that business, it’s jerseydeanne and friends. 

I adore all of you, and that is the truth.