Attention seekers MeAgain and her lapdog announce that they will publish a new photo of Archie next month




Dan Wootton retweets Tweet that says Meghan and Harry’s inner circle leaks stories to the press all the time



Harry and Meghan are begging for attention again




Give us a break, Harry and Meghan


Anon Time! What’s your take on the announcement 😆

Anon Time! What’s your take on the announcement 😆

Anonymous said:
What’s your take on this announcement? We all said she would announce about now and then BOOM, she does. She is exactly the type of person who would fake a pregnancy. She’s supposedly 12 weeks, but she’s wearing a tight white dress? I was one of those people that didn’t really show, but at 12 weeks she would have a little bump and bloat. No way she could wear a dress of that cut…

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