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Periodically, I try to see past what my basic intelligence informs me are the Harkles motives. The “food delivery” on Easter being one. Then reality rears its ugly head and I see their motives for what they are.

The lack of gloves, Harry coughing in his hand, a very upscale “charity food delivery” apartment (no low-income Projects for them) two very large SUV’s holding 4 in security mode, 2 Videographers to record this major event, Harry’s bandana placed strategically low so he can be seen/recognized. and of course, Project Angel not allowing anyone else to sign up to deliver but these two? If that is not PR needy I do not know what is.

The most egregious part of this entire farce is that under the video that is released is the “money shot” of what Megan is wearing. Yes, we have prominently displayed from Megan’s Mirror all of the clothing Malibu Markle is wearing: name, description, SKU number… can you get any lower? It would be like an advert being placed under a shot of Dresden promoting flights leaving Germany.


I didn’t see the security team why would you stay in the car if you’re supposedly protecting them? I couldn’t get through the entire video it kept freezing up.  It smells like rotten potatoes.

I can’t imagine a PR agency thinking this was a good idea? That is a prominent charity featured on shows, and it didn’t look familiar to me, so I googled it.  Like all charities, they will take this as a win.

We know that the gruesome twosome loves the attention. Why? They could be dignified and enjoy their time at home and wait it out. Meghan is a go-getter regardless of the pandemic.  

It wasn’t Easter when they did this, where were they really?  Google the location, and do your own research. 

Other than that, I agree with you! She was wearing a boyfriend shirt from Mischa Nonoo. They looked like two crack heads. 



Its okay to be alone ~ Meghan Markle

Its okay to be alone ~ Meghan Markle

The explanation for why Meg isn’t in Africa with Harry is absurd. Feeling compelled to give a reason why you aren’t with your spouse on a 2-day work trip is absurd. I love my husband, but I love when is away too because I get alone time. In healthy relationships, you are not needy and codependent. You can be together or separate and appreciate what each has to offer. Codependency reeks of…

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