Anon says: Meghan will never earn the respect

Anon says: Meghan will never earn the respect

Meghan will never earn the respect of the British people or affection. She is a narcissist and frankly love or hate as long as she gets the attention she is fine getting her narc supply. If she had any interest in being a royal and winning the approval of the people, she would have altered her behavior long ago. She hasn’t. Because this has never been about being a royal it has always been about…

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Anon Time! Harry won’t leave

“If it were me, I would cut her PR off and sit her down to talk to her firmly. This is how it’s got to be and if you don’t like it get out! Same with Harry!” – Harry wont leave though. He seems the type that would rather drag them all down with him. If he couldn’t have the same perks and attention as the others he would spit his dummy out.
Thank you anon for your opinion, 😆🌸🌸😎