The Sun~ Did the Duchess try to share the baby’s gender with us?

Something funny happened when I saw this article, I better up my reading glasses because I swore for a second it said, Did the Duchess try to shave her baby’s gentiles. We know Harry said facial hair but WHAT!!!

They should have asked if MM considers calling Archie the pronouns they, them, there and them because it seems very popular with Hollywood celebrities.Β  Parents please, allow your children to decide who they want to be, don’t force them to be in therapy for the rest of their adult life.


Anonymous said: William and Kate haven’t seen the baby yet.

William and Kate haven’t seen the baby yet. Meghan’s mouthpiece is also lying about William and Kate meeting Archie today. He does and says what Meghan wants him to say. Harry and William were maybe once close but those times are over. William knows Harry made a mistake by marrying this attention seeking woman who constantly leaks things to press. Must be annoying for William who really tries to protect his family and their privacy.
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Thank you anon, I agree with you, we watch the press for this meeting. 🌸😎