2 part anon

1. What if he believes her because he doesn’t see her naked. Does he even sleep with her? At times she looks so repulsed by him that I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t intimate any longer. Then how would he know whether or not the bump is real? 2. And something else, re: the already sold-out baby items, please tell me these aren’t gifts which she’s sold on her site. I’ll have an aneurysm! Just kidding. But it physically affects me, her brazen calculating coldness. She’s very dangerous.
Well, I have to tell you several sightings of her being in Windsor and Soho Farmhouse with Harry. I’m not doing this to crush anyone on tumblr but letting people in to read what they have to say is important.  MM has no place else to go, rumors are she is broke and building up debt quickly.
1. is that a real bump? ~  again going by preceding tips before the marriage ~ NYC claimed they would announce pregnancy around Eugenie wedding. Also, several side tips came into me saying fake pregnancy/miscarriage for the ultimate sympathy card shooting her rating sky high. Did you ever see a fetus grow and hide like that?
You have to ask yourself why does she have a site at all and why does she have her own PR?  MM mirror has an article on the DM, they are moderating comments, I can understand why. The people are getting worse by the day, I don’t see an early solution to this. All I can say she is here for a while but the longer you let her stay the comments will turn to the monarchy about the merching, it’s against the law.
2. I don’t think so, but MM had set something up last year for this occasion and she wasn’t sure if she was even getting in. MM hoped she could win Harry over (manipulate) look there it is, now she can pay the bill.
When people get frustrated the lash out.
Thank you anon, 🌸🌸😎